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Strategy, puzzles and action in the Android games of the week

Friday comes, the day the weekend begins, those days when you can relax and play a few games. Welcome to the Android games of the week, a section where we meet new games to enjoy with our Android.

As you may already know, last week Pokémon Go reached mobile devices, and from today it is already available in Spain. More than one will be fed up with so much news about Pokémon Go, so after showing you our guide with everything you need to know, we will deviate a bit from the path to know new games worth trying.

Blitz Emoji

blitz emoji

The first of these games is Emoji Blitz, a Disney game for the little ones in the house. It is a puzzle type game in which the faces of our favorite characters will appear and we will have to join them to make them disappear.

Each character has its characters and it is possible to make combos to improve scores, but the main attraction of this application is that it has a keyboard where we can get Emojis from Disney and Pixar that we get in the game.

Captain Strike: Reloaded

Captain Strike: Reloaded is a third person shooter that aspires to become an eSport for Android. The game presents us with various maps in which we can compete up to ten people to prove who is the best in a good variety of game modes.

With good graphics and a cooperative mode against the machine of up to five players, Captain Strike: Reloaded is a game that if you have a penchant for shooters you can get to love it.

Heaven Knights

Heaven Knights is one of many third-person action RPGs in which we can control up to 150 different characters, each with their equipment and skills. In Heaven Knights we have an adventure mode in which we can get new characters that we can use in other modes.

In addition to the adventure, we have an online PvP mode to play against friends or strangers, and the opportunity to play daily dungeons and fight bosses thanks to the help of our friends.


soul king 1

Soulking is a strategy game that stands out for its animated graphics and light-hearted tone. In it we can create a group of heroes to choose from a template of up to 370, each belonging to one of the five available elements.

A dynamic battle system in which we can customize our play style in a tactical and dynamic combat system in equal parts.

Warhammer 40,000 Regicide

Warhammer is one of the most famous strategy game franchises in history. In addition to the popular board game, we also have several video games that mix mythology with good strategy.

Thus, we have Warhammer 40,000: Regicide, a game that is based on the futuristic version of warhammer, but inheriting all the first-rate strategic style from the original installments. Good single player campaigns with a great storyline and excellent local and online multiplayer mode.