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Save storage, battery and data with these slim apps

In recent times we are witnessing the proliferation of light applications. In fact, even Google has a light version of its Android operating system, under the name Go. Taking everything into account, we bring you a selection of the most outstanding light applications.

Lightweight apps are an attempt to deliver a better user experience, using different avenues to accomplish that weight loss. Whether it is eliminating unnecessary options, optimizing the application or making use of the web within an application. Do you want to know what options exist? Let's start!


There are light versions of web browsers

When it comes to surfing the internet, sometimes we come across applications that are truly resource-consuming. This makes the experience of browsing the web not entirely satisfactory and thinking about it we bring you two lightweight browsers.

Lightning Web Browser

That a browser is light does not mean that it is limited and our protagonist is proof of this. We have large doses of customization, takes up little space, it is gratuitous Y open-source. Does anyone need more?

Opera Mini

A veteran of mobile browsers, existing before Android was a name on Google. Data saving, ad blocker, various customization options, all in a browser that takes up very little and is fast.


Media players to save us a few megabytes

The consumption of multimedia content is one of the main activities carried out in front of a smartphone or tablet. Thinking of offering a good multimedia experience on all types of devices, two interesting applications have recently appeared.

Spotify Lite

The popular streaming application has recently released its lightweight version and has taken the term lightweight literally. Does not have connection with other deviceswe can't hear offline music and the sound quality is limited. But we can enjoy our music without filling the memory of our device, which is what we are looking for.

YouTube Go

Yes, the king of online video has a light version. Thanks to her we will save on data consumption, in addition to having the option of download videos on our device. It is having a somewhat slow deployment, but little by little it is reaching the different countries.

Social networks

There are optimized versions of the main social networks

Perhaps the type of applications that spend the most time open on our devices, which have been gaining weight over time by adding functions that not everyone wanted. For these last users or those who are looking for a friendlier application with our internal storage, there are two options.

Facebook Lite

One of the first lightweight applications that appeared on Android. The option ideal if you want to use Facebook on your device, since it occupies nothing if we compare it with the normal version. Some options are lost, but it makes up for it with its speed and lightness.

Instagram lite

In recent times, quite a few users were thinking that Instagram was adding too many options. And suddenly they surprise us with a light version of their application, a back to the origins ideal for those who do not want complications.

Twitter Lite

It is not available for everyone, but you can also install the application in Apk format. You have everything you need from Twitter in an app much reduced in weight and consumption.

Instant messaging

They are not all that they are, but it is a first step

No, if you were waiting to see an application called WhatsApp Lite here, do not look for it, the popular messaging application does not yet have a lightweight version. Those that do have are one of the classics in the sector and a "must" candidate.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Like its main application, its messaging side exists under the name Lite. An application that offers almost the same user experience, taking up a lot less on our device and being more agile.

Skype lite

We are facing a somewhat strange application, an attempt to make an application light that sins of having too many options. Yes, having options is fine, but saturating with too many in a supposedly light application does not help at all.


There are several light applications that help us in our day to day

Here we find various applications, which are the light version of old known on our Android devices. From a file explorer to a browser, which will help us find our north.

Files Go

One of the pleasant surprises that Google had in store for us. A light file explorer with interesting options that can be installed on any device. Whatever you have, it is a very good option.

Gmail go

The lightweight version of the popular email app, which enjoy the best options from its normal version. It is also compatible with other mail providers, being able to use almost any account in this application.

Google Assistant Go

This version is designed for those devices that have Android Go. It is not too far from its normal version, since Google Assistant is not exactly an application that consumes too many resources. But it is always an option.

Google Maps Go

The lightweight version of the popular app has a little trick hidden up its sleeve. Is a progressive applicationThis means that it makes use of the website of the service, maintaining all its options and occupying much less storage on our device.

Maybe the approach should be refocused

Android Go, Google's attempt to bring its system to the world

Having this type of applications is appreciated, but pose a problem in some cases specific. Applications such as Facebook, Spotify or Instagram are applications that the user chooses or not to install. Being able to choose between the normal version or its light edition.

However, Google apps in most cases they are installed as standard. Adding the detail of not being able to be uninstalled, so if we want to use the light versions we must have both versions on our device.

Duplication of applications, is a problem especially in limited devices

What at first seemed like a solution becomes a new problem since having the same application repeated is take up more storage that if there were only one. The solution? There is no perfect solution, but I have my theory.

Google wants its applications to be on our devices, that is a fact if we want the 100% support of the great G. However, it could make a simple and elegant solution: as simple as give the user the option of which version to install on the device. Google Play gives the possibility with some applications when the mobile has very low resources, for example.

In other words, within the initial configuration wizard there is a section in which we can choose whether we want the normal or light version. That would adapt the device to the user's uses and avoid the repetition of applications within the same device. And what do you think?