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Samsung Galaxy S10: The 5 best deals you can take advantage of now

Jason Hiner / CNET

The Samsung Galaxy S10 It is already among us, and although it is a premium phone with a price that reflects it, there are offers that you can take advantage of. In fact, whether you're looking for the Galaxy S10E, the S10 or the Galaxy S10 PlusYou can find a discount that fits your budget.

Although there are some exceptions, many of these current promotions in the United States require you to redeem your phone or sign up for a service or lease agreement.

But there is good news: almost any pre-order offer includes a pair of Samsung headphones Galaxy Buds free.

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The starting price of the Galaxy S10E is $ 750. If you order in advance you get a gift card valued at US $ 100 for Sam's Club. If you order the S10 in advance for $ 900 or the S10 Plus for $ 1,000, you'll get a $ 200 gift card for Sam's Club. With the purchase of cell phones, you also get the Galaxy Buds for free.

These are the initial prices of each of the models. If you go for more storage, the prices go up. To take advantage of one of these offers, you will have to sign up to receive service from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or US Cellular.

When you buy a Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, or S10 Plus, you have the option of earning a redemption credit of up to $ 550.

The amount varies depending on the model and brand of your phone. For example, the iPhone 8 will get you the full credit of $ 550. On the other hand, the Motorola Z3 will get you $ 150.

Sprint's presale offer offers a two for one: You get a Galaxy S10E when you rent another S10E or S10 or S10 Plus. Whichever you choose, you'll get a free pair of Galaxy Buds.

The cheapest option is the S10E, which requires $ 0 down payment and costs $ 31.25 a month (not including service, of course; Sprint's unlimited plan starts at $ 60 a month on a single line). After 18 months, you can return it and upgrade to a new model or buy it.

The "free" phone comes in the form of credits, which means you will start by paying two phones and (after two months), you will see the credits that cover the cost of one of them. Be sure to read all the fine print for more details.

Would you rather buy the new Galaxy phone directly from Samsung? Well, you can pay for it with the US $ 200 you will get if you sign up for the US Mobile service.

It works like this: You buy a US Mobile SIM Card, then you sign up for a service plan. Every month you stay with US Mobile, you receive a discount of US $ 16.67 on the plan. After 12 months, you will see savings of $ 200.

Like other carriers, Xfinity Mobile has rental deals on Galaxy models: $ 31.24 a month for the S10E, $ 37.49 a month for the S10. When you choose one of them (or an older model like the S9 or S8), activate a new service line and transfer your number to Xfinity, you will receive a $ 250 Visa prepaid card.

You will receive the card 16 to 18 weeks after activation. Offer is valid for up to five phones.


Samsung Galaxy S10

The phone that we could call the Galaxy S10 family standard not only inherits the best of the most expensive phone, but it also has an ideal size, a stylish screen and luxurious operation.

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