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Robotics risks: killer robots could be closer than we think

What are therobotics risks?We have heard many things about the dangers of robots, especially on the subject of putting our jobs at risk. However, now it seems that there are many other things at stakeOthers that would endanger things more important than our careers: our lives, for example.

As the Digital Trends portal published this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, many became interested in the debate on the risks of robotics and its future implications in the modern world. A particular concern was the concept of killer robotsBecause, although this topic has been around for a long time in science fiction books, we could now be closer to them than ever.

When analyzing therobotics risksThe world leaders present at this forum asked a question that, while simple, is also quite frightening: What if robots went to war? The technology behind robots is one of the fastest growing today and one of the most researched in the industry. Almost every week we marvel at the feats a new robot has accomplished, so it stands to reason that the era of killer machines is yet to come … Unfortunately it is part of therobotics risks.

Today there are about 40 passes worldwide that are developing autonomous weapons (killer robots) without any control. Now that it's a technology on the rise,robotics risks They are huge since at the moment there are no rules or regulations on how these robots can be used.

The question we ask ourselves now, as this technology progresses, how can we prevent robots from going further? How can we protect ourselves fromrobotics risks?A large number of scientists, including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have already warned about the potential risks of robotics.

Experts assure that one of the largest dangers of robots of war is his lack of tie. These machines would be without responsibility and would not have any kind of emotion or feeling of mercy. In this way, they assert that if we disregard ethics, judgment, and morality in human endeavor, whether we are at war or not, we will take humanity to another level that is beyond our understanding.

Of course theRobotic risks in terms of killer robotsnor are they imminent. It's something we need to start working on to set limits. However, we must also remember that the arrival of these robots is getting closer, so it is good to start paying a little more attention to the issue related torobotics risks.

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