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Replace the share menu of your mobile with this simple application

One of the most characteristic elements of Android since its birth is the possibility of sending elements to any application through the share menu.

This was for years one of the biggest differences with systems like iOS and even today it is one of the parts that we use the most. But that does not mean that it can be improved in some aspects.

And for that there are applications like Sharedr, an application that replaces the native Android sharing menu with a much simpler and faster one.

Few options, lots of functionality

The idea of ​​this app is to create an alphabetical list of all the applications that we have installed in which we can share elements.

Thus, when we install it, it will replace the Android share menu, or it will do so if we have a version in which it has not been replaced by another system, as happens in Xiaomi MIUI or Huawei EMUI.

The first time we choose the sharing app, it will take a while to create the list, but the rest of the times it will be even faster than the original system. To open the full list we just have to swipe or tap on the text Share via.

We will not have strange options but we will have one that is extremely useful: we can press on any application in the list and fix it at the top. This is practical because the apps we use the most will always appear at the top, leaving the rest ordered by name.

If we want to remove an application from the top, we will only have to press and hold on top of it and remove the fixing.

As you can see, a simple and easy to manage application that can change the way we share elements on our mobile. For that matter, we can install it for free on our mobile and it has no ads, payments or anything that makes us want to remove it.