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Oppo is working on screens without bezels

letv smartphone without bezels

When we talk about the future that screens have on mobile phones, almost all of us think about the resolution and what will companies do to improve it. But the reality is, right now we don't need any more resolution in our smartphones, but we do have real needs in terms of space optimization.

I am referring to bevels current of smartphones, which are too big for all the advances that we see in other points. We have phones with super powerful processors, 4 GB of RAM and 2K displaysbut with some screen frames that make it great and aesthetically not very successful.

I do not mean that all terminals have this problem, but most do. Alone brands like LG have managed this really well, and its terminals have reduced bezels, which make the smartphone more beautiful and functional.

We have recently been able to see a terminal announced by LeTV – an Amazon China – that had a totally innovative design. Let us see a terminal with some side bezels nonexistent, and they make it have a really nice design. We can also see how it is a compact terminal, which has a screen 5.5 inch, but that is not excessively large, and we see how much narrower it is than most 5-inch terminals.

oppo patent display

Well, we already know where this technology comes from, since Oppo has revealed one of its screen patents, and reveals a very interesting thing. It is not a terminal without bezels, but it does not use the glass of the same panel to refract light and give the impression that it goes to the end of the body. This technology is the one that Oppo patents in the patent that has been seen, and of which we have very good hopes.

It is something similar to what we see in the Sharp Aquos Crystal, which also had without top frame, and in which we can see a new terminal, but that s, now this technology it has more years of development And as we can see in the images, this last section improves a lot.

I personally believe that we are facing the technology that will be developed by brands, to have news on their screens, since, as I said before, you need to innovate in this section and make mobiles with more optimized frameworks.

What do you think of this new technology? Do you see a future in the most relevant brands?