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OnePlus will continue to feature two models in each generation

OnePlus 7T

This year, OnePlus surprised us presenting two models within its high range in spring. Something that has also been repeated in the fall with its new models. It seems that this will be the new strategy of the Chinese brand for the future, as confirmed by the CEO of the firm in an interview already. So each generation will have two models.

The good results of this year, with two models in spring and two others in autumn, they seem to be convincing OnePlus. So we can expect that each new range arrives with two devices, which seek to satisfy all types of users in the market.

The company works on its models for next year, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, which will be launched in the second quarter of next year. They will continue betting on a more modest model, with a lower price and a Pro model, which will leave us with improvements and greater innovation. They are elements that surely like many.

Oneplus 7

The good sales they are having this year they are the main driving force of the brand in this regard. So they hope to repeat this success with the next generations, where sales are expected to be just as positive. Especially since the brand grows worldwide.

This OnePlus strategy of launching two models is working for them especially in markets like India. This is important, because India is already the second market worldwide. In addition to being a market where the brand is having an increasing presence in the premium segment.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for them to seek to maintain this strategy, if they believe that in this way they can sell better and manage to strengthen their position in the market. We will have to wait even half a year, more or less, until their new phones arrive. Surely, these months we will receive a lot of news about them.