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OnePlus is the second best brand in terms of Android updates

OnePlus 7T Pro, featured image

One of the main problems of Android compared to iOS, its main competition, is the fragmentation. The fact of being such an open operating system and of course the fact of being present in hundreds of devices very different from each other and from different brands, results in that not all phones on the market are updated in the same way and with the same frequency. .

With Android it is not strange to find that many devices that go on sale with a version of the Google operating system in particular, never get an update, especially if they are low / medium range devices. Furthermore, according to a recent study, 2 out of 5 Android devices are in danger of being hacked or, in other words, more than a billion Android phones are vulnerable, all for making use of an outdated version of Android.

Hence the importance of buy brand phones with good update support. But what are they?

What phone do I have to buy if I want an always updated smartphone?

Andro4all on the OnePlus 7T Pro

Despite all the interesting news that Google brought with Android 10, the truth is that we can only give bad news. Many companies still inadvertently update much of their devices to the latest version of Android, which is obviously a big problem for consumers. Despite this, companies as important as Samsung have improved remarkably – although still not enough – as demonstrated by the study carried out by the digital medium Computer World that analyzes the current situation of updates on Android smartphones.

This study also confirms and how could it be otherwise, that Google is the best brand in terms of Android updates. Despite the fact that its mobile devices have some major flaws, such as the battery in the Pixel 4, we cannot deny that Google terminals are the best in terms of support and frequency of updates.

But beware, because those who prioritize updates and security patches when purchasing a new smartphone, must know that Google is not the only option they have. OnePlus, one of the youngest firms on the Android scene, ranks as the second company that best cares for the devices it launches on the marketNot surprisingly, all your latest phones have the latest version of Google's operating system.

The OnePlus and OnePlus 7 Pro received Android a few days after it saw the light, while the top of the range last year, the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T had to wait until December last year for a series of problems. However they also have Android 10 something very commendable by the Chinese firm.

In short, if what you are looking for is a smartphone that is always up to date, we mainly have two options. One is to acquire a Google terminal, the other is to bet on OnePlus whose terminals by the way, were the best of the past 2019. What do you love?

And you, do you bet on Google or OnePlus prefers?

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