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New rumors about the HTC One M9 Plus

htc one m9 plus display

A few weeks ago I told you that the HTC company had prepared something surprising for us at the end of March. As well, that date is approaching, and in all speculative minds the same rumor lurks. HTC will present the HTC One M9 Plus for ace, complete the family of 2015, as far as high range is concerned.

As I said well, it's just speculation, but something in our head lets us know that this is the surprise. Do not go into telling what I think, since I think that there is no competition in this article, and that if the terminal is really presented, you will have a long post on this topic in particular.

Thanks to the Twitter account of @OnLeaks we know a new leak on the supposed terminal. Remember that this user is a more than reliable source on these issues, but he may be wrong and not entirely true. For now, we have to believe what it says until it is denied.

This leak is about the screen and the size of the device, which leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth. We all thought that with this new terminal, HTC could save a little the mistakes it has made with the One M9, but, if these data are true, not on the right track.

According to @OnLeaks, the screen of the HTC One M9 Plus will increase until 5.2 inch -only 0.2 inches larger than the M9 -, which leaves us a bit puzzled, since the word "Plus" does not mean a relevant increase in screen size. Just 0.2 inches more?

Possibly this is necessary to incorporate the screen Quad HD It is rumored, but honestly I think it is such a small increase so that the terminal does not get out of hand in terms of final size.

What surprises us the most is how the terminal grows in size, now the measurements are: 150.9 × 72.5 × 10.15 mm. Something that does not correspond to the growth of the screen, and that HTC will have to justify in some way. Without a doubt, as I have already said, these rumors do not leave us excited about the possible new HTC terminal.

I can't imagine a version with these measurements, which also adds almost a millimeter more to its thickness, for the simple fact of adding 0.2 inches to your HTC One M9. We will see if these rumors really become true and we can make things clear.

What do you think of the new leaks? Do you think HTC is doing things right?