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new brawler, skins and ms

Brawl Stars update for March 2020, new brawler, skins and more

Since January 2020 Supercell had not released a heavy update with new game changes, as Arcadia is here to stay because of how good it was. However, March has been the month in which Supercell has decided to put all the meat on the grill, as the mega Brawl Stars update for March 2020 has brought a new brawler, new skins, a special drink and much more.

We all have to stay home because of what's going on with the coronavirus, but not everything is bad. Now you will have lots of new things to unlock in Brawl Stars. So do not waste any more time and discover everything new that this March update brings you.

All the new Brawl Stars March 2020 update will bring

This new Brawl Stars update goes hand in hand with the PSG football team, as the whole new environment is based on football. As it happened in previous updates, this time the maps of the different game modes are transformed into a court. In addition, they have also brought new skins based on this sport and a quite special cup.

Jacky, the new brawler of the game

Jacky, the new brawler of the game

Jacky is the new brawler of the game and from what it seems, she is a friend of Carl and Dynamike, since she has a mechanical hammer with which she will shake her enemies. Jacky is a super special quality brawler and attacks in the following way:

  • Basic attack: use your mechanical hammer to damage in area (no aim necessary).
  • Super attack– Draw all the enemies around you towards it.
  • Special ability: Jacky returns 15% of the damage he takes in a counterattack.
  • Gadget: Jacky moves 38% faster for 3 seconds (can only be used 3 times per game).

Unknown brawler for April 2020 in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars new brawler for April 2020

This is the next brawler to come in April 2020 to Brawl Stars. We still don't know what it's called, but what we can tell you is that:

  • Basic attacks: Throw some plants that explode.
  • Super attack: Create bushes.

We believe that in the bushes your teammates can hide.

New Brawl Stars skins in March 2020

Brawl Stars new skins for March 2020

As you mentioned above, the new environment is based on football, which is why this time we have some aspects based on this sport:

  • PSG Shelly (80 gems or in the PSG Cup).
  • Darryl Swells (80 gems).
  • University EMZ (500 stellar points).
  • Penny Dark Rabbit (10,000 star points).

In addition They have also redesigned Darryl. Now it looks much better:

Darryl Brawl Stars redesign

New Brawl Stars skins for April 2020

This Brawltalk also revealed who they will be the next aspects for April 2020:

  • Mike Coach (150 gems).
  • Horus Bo(150 gems).
  • Tanuki Jessie(150 gems).

Brawl Stars new skins for April 2020

It is important to note that Horus Bo is the result of a Brawl Stars contest and survey where the fans sent their designs. Then they were put to the vote and finally this was the winner. Without a doubt, a super guide from Supercell to its entire community of players.

The PSG Cup


The PSG Cup is the tournament where you can get the skin PSG Shelly. Winning it is pretty easy:

  • The game mode is only Baln Brawl.
  • You must get 9 victories to get her.
  • You can lose maximum 4 times.

But rest assured, if you can't get all 9 wins, later be available in the store so you can buy it.

What are Gadgets and how do they work?

Gadgets, what they are and how they work

The gadgets are the new skills that brawlers will have. They are quite similar to the star abilities, since you can unlock them from level 7. These will come out in the boxes, but you can also buy them in the store.

They are much easier to obtain but it is for a simple reason, unlike stellar abilities, gadgets can only be used a number of times per game. They are not like the star abilities that when you unlock them your brawler suffers that improvement.

Nevertheless, this causes the game mode to change, because in the video presentation of this update (that we leave you above) you can see what these special attacks are going to be like. So be careful with this, because your favorite brawler could change and improve completely.

Underdog, the new pairing system

All games have a pairing system so that you have to play against people who are at your same level. However, it is also true that the number of cups or trophies does not reflect how good you are either. This is why Supercell has decided to implement a new pairing system called Underdog.

Underdog works as follows:

  • If they match you with people with a higher level than you and win, you will win more drinks.
  • If they match you with people with a higher level than you and you lose, you will lose fewer cups.

Event tickets will disappear

Lastly, they have said that event tickets are going to disappear soon, so they are giving us time to spend them. Well not available in boxes or in the Brawl Stars store.

What is going to happen to them, why are they going to take them away? At the moment they haven't said anything, they just said that Soon they were going to announce the change they were going to make and the why of it. So spend your event tickets as fast as possible, remember that these can help you get more boxes playing in Robotic Fight.

Now that you know everything that March 2020 brings you in Brawl Stars we hope you can have fun while you are at home. Remember that your safety comes first, that's why we want you to take a look at this tutorial on how to clean and disinfect your mobile from the coronavirus.

So tell us, What did you think of this mega update of Brawl Stars, did you like it? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments.

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