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Microsoft Office for iPad May Be Fully Developed

Microsoft Office for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini has been waiting a long time

With the time that the subject has been circulating we no longer know whether to be an urban legend or to be reality. It seems that the second option should be targeted more, since apparently the Microsoft Office iPad application is fully developed.

Does anyone remember how long it has been reading that Microsoft launched an Office application for iPad? This information has been circulating for a long time, of which it is now commented that the application would be fully developed, but that the company has not decided to launch it yet.

What is not understood is that they have not yet made it available. It is unknown whether the department that verifies the applications in the App Store already has it to give it the go-ahead or not. What we know is that we still cannot download it.


Office for iPad would be finished but not available in the App Store

According to what has been known, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, would have confirmed that the application was already finished, ready to launch, and that iPad users may already be enjoying it.

But what seems to be preventing the launch of the Microsoft programs application is that they are working so that there is a full integration of documents between devices, specifically between iDevice and a desktop or laptop computer.


The launch of the application was expected after the appearance of Windows 8

What all the analysts, and experts on these issues, expected was that, after the launch of the new operating system for computers, Windows 8, Microsoft launched the Office application for all those users who have an iPad and a computer with their operating system.

This was thought after the words of John Case, Microsoft's marketing executive, who went on to say that they had some pretty exciting plans and that Certainly, it is interesting to have Office on the iPad. When consumers want to do a green job, they will want to use Office.


We don't know what they are waiting for, but they are. Meanwhile, numerous applications have emerged that do a job similar to that of Office programs. In fact, Apple has already released its iWork applications, which also made them free to download in new acquisitions of iPad or iPhone. Office is a good product, but Microsoft is taking a long time to launch, as we can read in iMore.