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Meet Facebook Local, the renewal of Events from Facebook

If something has changed too much our current life is social networks, mainly Facebook. Despite being the most popular social network worldwide, its application leaves a lot to be desired, especially since it is not highly optimized, as it does not offer us a very good user experience, but even so we continue to use it and in some smartphones this application is already pre-installed at the factory. Even with this not-so-good app, we were recently introduced to a new one from this same company, an app calledEvents from Facebook,their objective was none other than to inform us of the events happening around us.

As many expected, this was not very popular to say, and now this application has been renamed, but do not worry, it is not only that, it would be something not very smart that they would only modify that, and that is thatadded some places that draw the attention of most users.

New name, new application.

Facebook Local is the name that this application receives, a very different name but that in itself makes some sense, the developers thought to make a totally new application and they concluded that it would not be a good option to choose to leave the same name. The main or at least the most notable feature is thatWith Facebook Local we will find a lot of suggestions to make with friends,since it integrates a database where it stores 70 million business pages, but the interesting thing is that it also includes the reviews of these sites, so when visiting them we can be updated and if the occasion is an appointment, you can impress your companion talking about the reviews of the place where they are.

This application can be very useful for when you want to go out for a weekend with your partner, with your friends or even if your family comes by surprise, and we say that it is very useful because It incorporates businesses, restaurants, bars and some other events to have a pleasant time.Something that we really liked is that the company decided not to inject advertising, since as we all know it is most annoying, but to be honest, if something is free, it is good to see some announcements of things that may be useful, although We are sorry to say that the team is already thinking about incorporating announcements in the future, but as we said before, it is not so bad.

Facebook assures that Local, in addition to being useful, can be too interesting, since we can review nearby events in our calendar or, if you prefer, explore places or things to do around us, no matter where we are.