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Jabra Elite 75t headphones review

jabra elite 75t

Jabra Elite 75t headphones review

“Can such small and light headphones have such deep bass? Yes, they can. ”

  • Small and light

  • Easy, smooth and stable fit

  • Excellent bass quality

  • Price according to the product

  • Small and very portable case

  • IP 55 against dust and water drops

  • Very useful HearThrough function

  • No noise cancellation

  • There is no wireless charge

Last year we had the opportunity to test the Jabra Elite Active 45e, wireless headphones designed for sports, and our opinion was very favorable. These weeks we have been using the Jabra Elite 75t, and our impressions are even better. Is it possible to continue improving in a market that surely has the toughest and largest competition of the moment? A market where the big phone manufacturers (Apple, Samsung) take advantage of each launch to put their own headphones on the market, all of them also quite good?

jabra elite 75tDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

Jabra seems to be the affirmative answer to this question. And it could be said that, to achieve this, you just need to improve yourself and do better what was already good. And it is not rhetorical to say that this is easier to say than to do, because we test products week by week, and the words (promises) usually remain (and arrive) only on paper, very rarely the product itself.

Small. Lightweight. Powerful

The first thing that strikes us when we open the box is to look at the small headphones and the equally small protective case-charger-accompanying them. Unlike other headphones, the obvious exception of the Apple AirPods is that you know that you will take these Jabra wherever you go, since they will even fit without problems in your jeans pockets (as long as you don't wear skinny jeans, of course). The touch is smooth, quality, and the weight of each handset is almost not felt in the hand.

jabra elite 75tDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

But in the ears it is even better. Jabra makes the fit at the ear canal inlet on the Elite 75t unequaled. And just like other Jabra models, once you put them on, you practically forget they're there.

This is not just any situation. The Elite 75t don't have those flashy ear flaps, and only with their soft silicone gems can they stay in place without causing any discomfort or pain, even after hours of use.

jabra elite 75tDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

BTW: The protective case features a USB-C charging port. You feel its magnetic closure when you open and close it, and also when you put the headphones there, which find their position immediately. The Jabra App, in any case, allows you to find them if one or both of them have gotten lost making them shriek.

The Application is a necessary protagonist of the performance of the headphones, although it is not as decisive as in other models. The Elite 75t's sound is deep, with bass that captivates you instantly. Can such lightweight headphones have such deep bass? I know they can. I do not know other headphones In ear that can deliver bass more typical of some Over ear, although it is also true that not everyone wants or enjoys such powerful bass. And here perhaps comes one of the few negative aspects of the Elite 75t: the equalizer of the App does not change things much, or rather, the equalization that sets by default (Default) seems to be the best, since the other options ( Boost treble, Smooth, Strengthen, etc) we are not convinced.

Is this a determining element? Not at all. Every well-informed melmano knows that the best fidelity and acoustic wealth should be found in some Over Ear, and when you opt for headphones like the Elite 75t it is because you are looking for portability and aesthetics. Acoustically speaking, the Jabra Elite 75t are excellent, and are positioned without much counterbalance or hassle atop the best wireless in-ear headphones on the market.

In action

The Elite 75t's design includes a button on each of the headphones, right in the circle around the Jabra name. All the functions you could expect are distributed in the clicks of these right and left buttons, functions that are also very easy to memorize: play / pause; next track / track backward; call answer / end, HearThrough mode on / off, volume and virtual assistant.

For its part, the 4 microphones that come in the Jabran Elite 75t give a very good call quality, and just as you hear clearly who is talking to you, you will be heard correctly. By the way: compatibility with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant is included, and you only have to choose your favorite virtual assistant.

jabra elite 75tDaniel Matus / Digital Trends

Jabra claims that the Elite 75t can last 7.5 hours on a full charge. Its charging case allows just under three full recharges, giving you a total time of approximately 28 hours. This is much more than any transoceanic flight or waiting time at an airport or hospital. In any case, with the quick charge feature, you can gain an hour of use with just 15 minutes of charge.

What for many may be disappointing is that the Elite 75t does not have noise cancellation, a feature that makes Samsung's AirPod Pro and Galaxy Buds + stand out. But you know what? We are not sure that the Elite 75t really needs this feature, as their fit makes them completely close off the entrance to the external ear canals. And yes: this does not completely cover or isolate the noise, but if you listen to music at a not too high volume, you will not perceive anything other than music. For this reason, the HearThrough function is not here for decoration, since it allows you to hear other noises and voices that would otherwise go unnoticed. Ultimately, we believe that Jabra is right to put a function to be able to listen through its headphones to its headphones, instead of a function to cancel external noise that, to a large extent, is naturally canceled. No: Noise canceling does not get out of hand on the Jabra Elite 75t.

Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

Of course, they have a degree of protection IP 55, against dust and drops of water. These are not the headphones that we recommend for sports, we still recommend the Elite Active 45e, but we all know that sometimes we sweat and get a little wet without intending to.


The league in which the Jabra Elite 75t play is not only in fashion, but also quite crowded. They directly compete with the Galaxy Buds + ($ 30 cheaper) and AirPods Pro ($ 60 more expensive). And while by design they are closer to the Galaxy than to the AirPods, the Elite 75t looks more stylish than the Samsung headphones, with a more polished design and most importantly with a more comfortable fit.

The large mass of consumers alternate between AirPods and Galaxy Buds, and not a few will opt for Amazon's even cheaper Echo Buds. But for design and quality, we dare say that the Jabra Elite 75t is closer to the Beoplay of Bang and Olufsen ($ 120 more expensive), and even more to the Sennheiser MOMENTUM (also $ 120 more expensive). That s, we talk about two models top they don't necessarily give you the versatility of the Jabra. In short: its price seems correct, its sound is more than gratifying, and we bet you will not regret it if you buy them.

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