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Instagram allow chat in incognito mode

instagram incognito mode

Of recent social networks, Instagram is undoubtedly the one that has been best received by users, changing even the way of planning trips. Not only because it offers you an easy way to share your photos and videos, but also because has not stopped evolving for today it will be a very complete communication tool.

An example of this is her messenger, better known as Instagram Direct, who very soon update to add private conversations. This discovery was made by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who recently also discovered that you will soon be able to block your Instagram stories individually. This time, Wong found an unknown mode for direct messages in the Instagram app code. Find out all the details about it below.

How to work the incognito mode in the direct messages of Instagram

Wong shared a video on his Twitter account where he shows how he can chat privately on Instagram. In the video, we can see that when the new private mode is activated (which still does not have an official name), the Instagram interface turns dark. This indicates to the user that sent messages will be deleted immediately as soon as you exit the mode.

It should be noted that users can switch from private mode to normal mode whenever they want. So, If you are going to say something you want not to be saved in the chat or history, soon you will be able to activate the private mode and say it. After all, the message will disappear when you turn off private mode, so you won't have to worry.

In an official statement, Instagram confirmed that this new private mode of her messenger is on the way. However, its development is still at a very early stage, which means it will take time to arrive. In fact, it cannot even be confirmed that it will arrive someday, as it is one of the many experiments that Instagram must be testing internally for its platform. Even so, let's hope that everything goes well with the incognito mode of Instagram Direct, since it will be a feature that many users will appreciate.