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In Wuhan, protect doctors from robot-treated Coronavirus

A robot-assisted coronavirus hospital ward to protect doctors from the deadly bug has opened in Wuhan.

The program

Launched on Saturday at Wuchang Field Hospital, it will see bots using 5G technology, perform tasks including taking patient temperatures, delivering meals, and disinfecting facilities.

It will also allow doctors to read patients' vital signs remotely, reducing their exposure to the virus.

More than 3,000 doctors have been infected across Hubei province since the coronavirus first appeared in the capital Wuhan in mid-December.

The virus

Dating back to a food market in the city, it has now infected more than 80,000 people in mainland China and more than 113,000 worldwide.

The Chinese government has faced criticism for initially trying to hide the situation, but then blocked more than 10 cities and built numerous quarantine facilities as part of efforts to contain it.

The project

At Wuchang Hospital it was the result of a collaboration between Hubei officials and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Twelve sets of the androids were donated by artificial intelligence technology company CloudMinds, and about 200 patients who showed early symptoms of coronavirus were quarantined in the ward on March 7.

The images showed a robot showing its human movement by taking hospital personnel dressed in hazardous materials on a dance routine. Quarantined patients could also be shown taking photos of the bots.

In addition to helping doctors

The robots will be used to collect old sheets and remove medical waste; They can also use navigation technology to move and avoid obstacles automatically.

The images appear as countries around the world increase measures to combat the coronavirus.


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