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IBM Summit: the supercomputer seeks to develop treatments to combat the coronavirus

A view of Summit, the IBM supercomputer that is working on the development of various treatments to combat the covid-19 coronavirus

A team of researchers from the

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 (United States), belonging to

American Department of Energy

, you are using


, the


developed by


 that allows to identify and study drug compounds that can be used

to find a cure

for him


 SARS-CoV-2, responsible for the appearance of the disease called



To understand how viruses work, researchers grow the organism and study how it reacts when different drug compounds are applied, but this can be a "very slow" process if not used.

powerful computers

they can do

digital simulations


reduce the range of potential variables


In this sense, as the company has reported, computer simulations can examine how different variables react with different viruses. Thus, using the Summit supercomputer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have been able to simulate 8,000 compounds in a matter of days, and identify 77 small molecules of drug compounds that have been shown to have potential to damage the capacity of Covid-19. of attacking and infecting host cells.

"Summit was needed to quickly get the simulation results we want. It took us a day or two in what would have taken months with a normal computer. Our results do not mean that we have found a cure or treatment for COVID-19. However, we have High hopes that our computational findings will serve the studies and provide a framework for experimenters to further investigate these compounds. Only then will we know if any of them exhibit the characteristics necessary to mitigate this virus, "said the director of the Center. from University of Tennessee Molecular Biophysics / ORNL and study lead investigator Jeremy Smith.


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