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HTC increases the resources dedicated to producing the Nexus 9 to meet high demand


HTC increases the resources dedicated to producing the Nexus 9 to meet high demand

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November 6, 2014

nexus 9 case

When Google and HTC announced the Nexus 9, many threw their hands up to their heads thinking that the price, which starts from 389 euros in the official store, was too high, almost on par with Apple iPads, and therefore, predicted poor results. The reality, days after being put on sale, is very different. The Taiwanese company has revealed that the lawsuit is being much older than they had originally anticipated and have been virtually forced to increase their production capacity.

In the end, what Dial Chad, the Executive Director of Emerging Devices at HTC, will say in a recent interview, when he stated that the reason why Google and themselves had decided to change the course of previous Nexus tablets was that "There is demand in the market for a premium Android tablet." Time is taking care of agreeing with him, and that is that his partner Jack Tong, President of HTC in North Asia, has publicly stated the difficulties the company is having to guarantee the availability of the Nexus 9.

It was during the launch of the tablet in Taipei, where he revealed that high demand has caught them "offside" as being much higher than they had anticipated. Obviously, those responsible have had to make emergency decisions, and the most immediate has been that of increase your production capacity, dedicating more resources. With this measure, you will try to keep up with orders. Surely Google will push theirs to make it so, as they depend on their new partner to keep the bar high.

Nexus 9 unboxing

Surely it has had a lot to do in this situation, the special offers that HTC itself has launched in recent days, with 50% discounts when buying the Nexus 9 in the United States. Although the promotion lasted only 24 hours, it was the drop that filled the glass, eventually hanging the "sold out" poster at the end of the day.

Your own tablet

Tong has also spoken about recent news that talks about the launch of a high-end tablet of his own in 2015 and does so in terms that leave the door open, but confirm nothing at all. Explain that the company sees the market for tablets oversaturated and declining, and therefore, factors should be taken into account so that if it is launched, it will be a successful product. He also talked about the size "7-inch tablets have been exterminated by phablets, if HTC produced a tablet, would be bigger"

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