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How to spend less data on your iPhone or iPad with these tips


Due to the current state of alarm dictated by the Spanish Government this past Saturday, telecommunications companies are reporting a sharp increase in the use of their platforms. Whether for work or leisure, the use of the country's telecommunications infrastructure has risen by 40% as far as domestic internet is concerned and 25% in the use of mobile internet, as reported yesterday by Orange in a statement. In the same way that Orange, other telecommunications companies are also suffering havoc to keep the internet afloat and avoid network saturation, so Telefónica also joined in and called for responsible consumption of the means we have.

Companies are working to keep up with growing demand, but it is important that consumers and users act accordingly to contribute our grain of sand, and among all acting responsibly.
That is why today we bring you a series of tips and recommendations to help not saturate the network and spend less data, and thus be able to enjoy the Internet without problems.

How to spend less data on our daily use of the internet and make more responsible use of the network

With these tips and recommendations we will be able to continue enjoying our internet in a natural way, and we will only suppose some change of parameter in our settings and adapt our use a little so as not to saturate the network at key moments.

Activate Reduced Data Mode

iOS 13 includes a mode of low data consumption that lowers our use of the network on devices such as iPhone or iPad. To activate it, you just have to follow these steps:

  • one: Opens "Settings".

  • two: Go into Mobile data.

  • 3: Press "Options".

  • 4: Slide the slider of the last option where it indicates "Reduced data mode".

With this mode active the use of data from our device in the background decrease. Photos will stop uploading to iCloud automatically, the previews and automatic downloads of apps will be paralyzed and when we use streaming services the data transfer will adapt to the most optimal for the use of the network. FaceTime calls will also be affected and will drop in quality while this mode is active.

We can disable this mode at any time by going back to this same menu in "Settings" and sliding the button again to make normal use of the network.

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Don't make unnecessary and very heavy downloads

Something simple and quite obvious. This is not the best time to download very large files from the network, because this type of act loads the infrastructure. In the event that you have no other option, try to do it in a period of low traffic, such as at night, since the network is not so loaded.

Don't upload excessively large files either

Exactly the same as the previous point. In the same way that the download saturates the network, so does the file upload. Do it at night if possible and even if it is not something essential, leave it for later.

Squeeze your communication tools

Avoid the use of mass mailings and use tools such as Microsoft Teams for communication in the workplace. This allows the network to not be saturated with heavy messages and to function much more agilely, at the same time as enables teamwork and fluent communication.

The heavier tasks are better for the hours with less network traffic

As we previously said, the tasks that use the most data volume and network use will be better if we leave them for the night, since the volume of traffic decreases compared to the day. Upload videos to YouTube, play online games, streaming reproductions etc. These activities would be advisable to do when network traffic is not so saturated. As during the day, the browsing experience will be much more satisfactory and at the same time help to avoid an overload of the infrastructure.

Fortunately Spain is endowed with a fiber network that gives it the first position in infrastructure at a European level and the third in the world so despite this increase in traffic the network should support the use. However, as it is said, prevention is better than cure and as the coronavirus is making us demonstrate the solidarity and responsibility of each one of us as users, it is key to get out of this situation successfully. Do you have a trick to make responsible use of the network? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section!