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How to make group video calls from WhatsApp step by step

WhatsApp iPhone

WhatsApp iPhone

These days more than ever it is very important to keep in touch with our friends and familyotherwise the quarantine can be long and heavy. One of the easiest ways to stay in touch is through messaging apps, but while this may seem like a short-term solution, in the long run we may need a little more humanity in our conversations.

Fortunately WhatsApp has the possibility of making calls and video calls both individually and in groups, and it is the latter that interest us today. Meet your friends through the screen of your iPhone, do not stop visiting your mother even through the internet and try to make these days as light as possible. Today we explain how to make group calls or video calls through WhatsApp step by step.

How to make a group call or video call on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows us to initiate a group call or video call in three different ways, then you will find how to make them in all possible ways.

How to make a group call from a group chat

  • one Open the WhatsApp app.

  • two Find and open the WhatsApp chat of the group you want to call.

  • 3 Tap the button "Group call" (It is that of a phone with a "+" above, top right of the chat).

  • 4 A list will open with all group members. We must select the members that we want to participate in the call. WhatsApp allows us to make group video calls with a total of up to 4 people answering us, so at most we can select 3 contacts.

  • 5 Once we have all the contacts that we want to call selected, we must press one of the two buttons that will appear, the one on the camera to start a group video call or the one on the phone for a common group call.

Come here your call will begin and as the assistants go off-hook they will join.

WhatsApp video calls

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How to make a group call from WhatsApp "Calls" tab

  • one Open the WhatsApp app.

  • two In the app click on the bottom tab that says "Calls".

  • 3 Press new call (again, it's the button with a phone and a "+" above it, at the top right of the tab).

  • 4 We will open a list with our WhatsApp contacts. In the case that we want to make an individual call we must select the contact that we want to call, but we are interested in the first option that appears, where we will click on "New group call".

  • 5 Another list will open again with all our contacts on WhatsApp where we can now select up to a maximum of 3 to include in our call.

  • 6 With the contacts selected, click on the camera button to start the group video call or on the phone button to start a common group call.

As before, the call will begin and as the members go off-hook they will join.

How to make a group call from an individual chat

  • one Open the WhatsApp app.

  • two Open the chat with one of the people you want to be in the group call.

  • 3 Press the call or video call button at the top right of the chat, as you want to do.

The call will start at this point.

  • 4 When the other person picks up we will enable the option to add another 2 more participants to the call. We can do it from a button with the silhouette of a person and a "+" above it that will appear in the upper right corner.

  • 5 We select the other participants that we want to add from the list that will appear and click on "Add". They will be added to the current call.

As new members go off-hook they will be added to the ongoing call or video call.

WhatsApp group video call

Some questions to consider

  • Make sure that both you and the other members of the call have a good internet connection, even more if it is a video call. Video calls need a quick connection to be carried out smoothly, if it is also for several people at the same time, better if the connection is by Wi-Fi with high-speed fiber or similar.

  • If we make a group call, if we want to go to a video call we must hang up the call and start a video call again.

  • If we want to make a call with more than 4 participants we recommend that you use FaceTime, which allows you to make group calls and video calls for up to 32 contacts at the same time. Here's our tutorial for making group calls and video calls on FaceTime.

Do not lose contact these days with your loved ones. Take the vermouth through a group chat, share a round table time through the screen and these days will be happening in a better way. Much encouragement to all who are forced to stay home, and thank you very much for acting responsibly.. Everything will improve sooner if we all act together.