How to create potions faster in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

How to create potions faster in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

In its content, we will find several types of potions, each with a specific function. If we unlock them and start improving them, they will make our lives easier. So in today's day, we are going to show all the existing potions and their mission within the game, even some trick to create them faster.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

All the potions we can create in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Peace of mind, not by having the game already installed we can create potions like crazy. You need to go through the tutorial at the beginning and keep playing until you reach level 4, at which time we are already enabled to obtain these elements. At this point, it is time to learn each and every one of them.

Cerebral Elixir Baruffio

This potion will grant us extra wizard experience in each stroke, especially it will be great for us to perform magic challenges in Strongholds. The ingredients to use are 2 Jumping Mushrooms, 2 Frog Brains, 3 Runespoor Eggs and 3 Crushed Dragon Claws. The waiting time will be longer, since it takes 12 hours to do, but if we use a Master Note, we can reduce the time of the first potion that we make, within the 4 that can be performed at most at the same time.

How is it achieved? We go to the broth of the potion and with our finger, we make the drawing that the game indicates. To reduce the cooking time, we must make a circle clockwise in the broth, a pinch in, slide twice to the right, pinch out and shake the phone. With this we will get a reduction of 1 hour and 48 minutesAlthough the process may be somewhat complex, it is enough to do it only once.

Healer Pocin

As its name suggests, it regenerates the life that we have lost during combat, in strokes or in challenges. With it, we can recover up to 35% of our total stamina capacity. The ingredients that take part in this mixture are 1 Wormwood, 1 Bubotubrculo, 1 Dictamo and 1 Livers of Drgon.

Like the previous one, its elaboration is 12 hours, and it can be reduced for 18 minutes. The Master Note for shortening the time is achieved by pinching the screen outward, clockwise circle, short press on the screen and pinching inward.

Stimulus Pocin

He is able to improve our spells both in combat and in the lines. In other words, it makes us more accurate or more effective in harm. The ingredients we need are 1 Bitter Race, 1 Uro Blood, 1 Snowdrops and 1 Granian Hair.

In this case, we slide up twice and lastly draw a clockwise circle. With this we will reduce the time of the first potion to 9 minutes, so the remaining minutes will be 51 to prepare the mixture.

Strong Stimulus Few

Unlike the previous ones, it is unlocked by obtaining level 10 in the game. The function in both combat and strokes is identical to its younger sister, but with more powerful effects. To create it, we will need 1 Snowdrops, 2 Uro Blood and 1 Abraxan Hair.