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How the iPhone 12 could include the LiDAR sensor of the new iPad Pro

LiDAR iPhone 12

LiDAR iPhone 12

New iPad Pro, and with it new technologies that are already rumored will also reach the next iPhone 12. The new LiDAR sensor included in the iPad Pro of this 2020 has further encouraged the rumor that the next iPhone may have one too, and in The network of networks did not take long to launch to create a design of what the camera module of a future iPhone 12 would be like. with triple lens and this built-in sensor.

Ben Geskin has been the designer of this concept. Geskin is not the first time that he has made a model of what we may end up seeing as an iPhone, and this time, after the launch of the LiDAR sensor in the new iPads, he did not take long to create a design of what would be the case iPhone 12.

As we can see, is based on the design of the current iPhone camera module, relocating the lenses so that the new sensor fits in fourth place, which will be in charge of measuring the distances to work with augmented reality, among others.

Design could truly go through something definitive since it fits perfectly with the designs that we are seeing on the part of Apple, and will fit thus in the current line. A little detail? Geskin already imagines a futuristic iPhone 12 with a flat edge design as we can see in the render, returning to the lines of the iPhone 4 and 5 that we had before and that they liked so much.

Thus begins the race until the presentation of the next iPhone, which also seems to arrive a little later than expected due to the coronavirus. In any case, if the design looks like this and Apple manages to implement the Face ID camera on the edge of the device as in the case of the iPad Pro thus leaving a full screen without notch, I think we were talking about what most Users have been asking on an iPhone for a long time.