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First Images of the Voice Call Interface

A series of filtered images show us how VoIP calls could be on WhatsApp

What were just rumors a few weeks before, became reality when, in the last Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, ​​Jan Koun, CEO of WhatsApp, talked about the future of his company and the arrival of VoIP calls towards the end of the year as a logical step in the evolution of the service.

In a later act, in one of the most anticipated appearances of the congress, Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook who, earlier dates, had acquired WhatsApp for a million dollar figure, shed no light on that possibility and he preferred to focus on talking about other projects like global access to the Internet without barriers.

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But now, the inclusion of VoIP calls in the instant messaging application is taking shape and a series of apparently authentic images have been leaked, which will serve as a preview of what may be the future WhatsApp.

It seems that the renewed application get to Android and iOS platforms first, and a little later to Windows Phone and Blackberry. Apart from voice calls, other functionalities and minor changes will be introduced.

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As far as iOS is concerned, it seems that the interface will have a very similar appearance to that offered in iOS 7.1, keeping the icons circular. On the current call screen, we can see, at the top, the contact's name, phone number, and photo. Below, we look at a series of circular buttons meant to mute the call, put your hands free, go to the traditional message session (holding the call), and end the call.

The intention is that the service is free, but surely the telephone operators have something to say

One of the additions, which will surely be very well received by users, is that of the inclusion of a dedicated camera button, just above the keyboard and next to the audio direct send icon. It will no longer be necessary to execute the previous step of entering through the Attach button, but we will be able to select the photographs directly.

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The controversy will undoubtedly come when telephone operators enter the fray and the treatment they will give to the service in terms of rates, fees and others, as they have been doing up to now with the companies that operate VoIP. At first, the intention is that the calls are free, both by data network and WiFi. In any case, it will be necessary to wait until the service materializes definitively to learn more about this issue.

As the iPhone companions say Italy, still it's early to know the exact launch date of the application with these innovations and we hope that in this period it gave developers time to implement one more feature, which is something that they have been accused of lately: the presentation of novelties on a regular basis.

Would you like to see these changes and new features in future versions of WhatsApp?