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eHealth: Mobile apps for healthcare

Taking a photo of that mole that you do not like to evaluate it with a mobile application and having as a diagnosis that according to its appearance it is better that you go to a dermatologist as soon as possible can sound disturbing, especially if you do not have the doctor next to you so that It will immediately get you out of doubt.Maybe this has already happened to many people who have used MelAppo SkinScan, two mobile applications for health care, which are in turn a good example ofeHealth.

And it is that technology is at the service of health andeHealth It is at its peak. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as "the support that the use of information and communication technologies offers to health and related areas."

The health market when it comes to mobile applications has nothing to envy that of games.When we enter the Apple, Android and Windows Mobile markets, we can find many applications foreHealthfor all tastes and we can value them. In fact, there are many that already have enough qualifications to get an idea of ​​how popular they can be, ranging from free, paid, and from the simplest to the more complex ones that, as we discussed, require a gadget to work with the mobile.

Among the free top ofeHealth in Android Market are: Menstrual Calendar; Home exercises; Daily training; Home remedies; My pregnancy; Flat stomach; Calorie counter; Nike Running; Perfect buttocks; BMI calculator; Web pediatrician, pedometer, calorie counter, and let's stop counting.

There are also dozens of recipes for diabetics and for those who want to gain or lose weight. There are even applications for guided meditations in order to relax and even get a good sleep.

Technology and health: ehealth

In the world of technology and health we find applications that without the need for gadgets do interesting things to monitor health, especially for athletes.

Let's walk through some of these applicationseHealthand its functionality: There are glucose meters for sugar control in diabetics. While there are devices that do not need a mobile phone, there are gadgets that are attached to your phone and they bring their own application so that they can record the daily samples that you can later show to your doctor. Or simply monitor that the levels are adequate, as suggested by the specialist.

SkinScan reviews on its website that its mobile application is designed to detect a wide range of skin diseases, although it only focuses on the prevention of skin cancer through an analysis of fractal tissue maps ”(analyzed with the photo) and that in no way intends to replace the specialist doctor. In fact, its use is considered as an adjunct tool to the fight against skin cancer.

In the case of MelApp, the company indicated that the sales of the application, from January 2011 to July 2013, amounted to more than 17 thousand euros. These two applications are not free but there are hundreds that are free, ranging from calculating a woman's ovulation to how much you stopped spending money to quit. They are all within the spectrum of health andeHealth.

In short, you do not have to be going to a laboratory every so often and you have a curve of the behavior of your blood glucose at hand. For this there is, for example, iBGStar or GlucoDock. There is also Glucose Buddy that, although it does not have a gadget, stores your glucose readings by entering the data and offers sample notes on what you ate. It also reminds you to take your insulin if you are that type of insulin dependent patient.

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