Dots & Co, an excellent puzzle game with colored dots

Dots & Co, an excellent puzzle game with colored dots

With such a fever for Pokémon GO it seems that there are no opportunities for other Android games, something that is not so: the catalog of options is still brutal. And after so much walking looking for bugs and ball stops, how about relaxing with a good puzzle game? That is what Dots & Co proposes, the continuation of the famous Dots and TwoDots that follows the same approach.

The mechanics of any puzzle game must be simple to engage. In the Dots saga, this is strictly observed: a board with colored dots that we must "clean" by joining them with a line. Never diagonally and trying to gather the maximum number of contiguous points that have the same color. Easy right? Far from it, things get complicated as you advance through the levels.

Super addictive thanks to simplicity in mechanics and beauty in graphics

Dots & Co, an excellent puzzle game with colored dots

Simplicity is one of the highlights of Dots & Co and on which the game is based: connecting points with lines is the easiest thing in the world. Although, as in most games, we will have to devise strategies to maximize the score and achieve a level up.

Dots & Co offers a succession of screens in the form of a way to go (similar to the Candy Crush Saga and company) with increasing levels of difficulty. In each of these levels we will have a number of points to release with the amounts separated by color and maximum movements. With this in mind, cleaning should be performed by joining the dots in as few steps as possible.

Dots & Co, an excellent puzzle game with colored dots

In addition to joining straight lines, there is a very useful combo to remove points of the same color from the board: trace a square joining their ends. In this way we will increase the eliminated points, also increasing the final score and reducing movements. It is advisable to make squares whenever possible, no matter its size.

Dots & Co is free, although it follows the line of the games at no cost. It has limited lives and requires spending three per level (which then recover if that level is completed perfectly). We also have available the token plugin and more characters apart from the main one, Emily (with her own rules and boards). Of course: the graphic finish, the design, the settings and animations are so beautiful that Dots & Co is worth playing just for this.

Dots & Co is a puzzle game that you must try: beautiful, simple and almost magical

With the previous Dots, the magic of the formula has already been demonstrated, so Dots & Co has the path made before even leaving. It may not report too many news compared to the previous ones, but still worth downloading and tasting level by level. Even if puzzles are not your favorite genre.

Dots & Co is now available on the Google Play Store. Free to download and with in-app purchases. Do not hesitate: download it now.