diep.io, the successor to the popular agar.io now available

diep.io, the successor to the popular agar.io now available

Agar.io is one of the most popular games on Google Play. Today comes the successor of the same creators, we talk about Diep.io, a multiplayer tank game similar to the first one that has garnered millions of downloads.

The new game aims destroy rival tanks. The mechanics are simple and addictive; We swipe left to move and we swipe right to shoot. It is played with two fingers in landscape mode and we will not need much more.

Of course, the first steps are difficult since it is a multiplayer game. As soon as we start the game we will meet other players who will most likely have been playing longer. I am a denier in the games I have died about five times in a few seconds. Of course, after a few minutes you get the trick and you can start to rival the rest.

Not only do we have to eliminate other players, we can also shoot at the yellow or blue squares to gain experience. The idea is that as we level up we will unlock new weapons and protections so our tank (if a circle and a rectangle can be called a tank) will be more powerful.

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The game is free and with in-app purchases. We have not been able to test them but we assume that they will appear as we progress through the game.

If you are a fan of Agar.io, we recommend you try the new tank multiplayer. As addictive as ever.