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Bill Gates' spirit lives on in Microsoft Teams

A series of announcements and news have Microsoft Teams for this 2020. The platform that has become an essential help during the coronavirus pandemic and that has promoted teleworking and distance education, will have new features.

At Digital Trends in Spanish we spoke with Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365, who on the third anniversary of Teams, told us about the new offer that will be available at the end of this troubled year.

A few years ago this was an unimaginable situation, (this) is a spectacular period to make changes in the world with this product that allows you to chat, collaborate online and also communicate live, begins Jared.

The direct manager of Microsoft Teams adds that it is an unpredictable time, and it is an opportunity to reformulate how we learn, work and live. I think that when everything returns to normal, after this nothing will be like before and we will have learned some things. And I think it is very good to recognize what technology can do for us and the opportunities it offers us. I think it is a breaking point in the way we humans relate to each other.

Spataro says that they have started the distribution with a free license for six months of the product to help countries affected by COVID-19, for companies, hospitals and the government so that they can implement it centrally, and says that the experience has been very well received by people who already had Office 365. And for people who did not have it, it is a good opportunity to enter those users. It has been very useful all over the world in countries like China, Italy or Spain.

In fact, a few days ago we reported that in Europe the platform was down for several hours due to excess demand.

We had some problems with the service in Europe. We had a lot of demand, and an adjustment of the patterns, which was what made us have one every few hours. Furthermore, we were never aware of how quickly the coronavirus would circulate in European countries. We increased capacity by 600% of demand in the last fourteen days. In the Netherlands, Spain, Germany we have grown in recent days in impressive percentages of use.

For Jared Spataro, the synthesis of Microsoft Teams can be illustrated in one person: Bill Gates.

Bill Gates had a vision and it was this. This is the spirit that everyone has access to a technology that can open doors for us and change things. And Microsoft Teams is a very good example of the spirit of Bill Gates.

The news that Microsoft Teams announced

    • We have all been in a remote meeting when a participant is typing out loud on their keyboard, or someone is sitting near a vacuum running in the background. This is why Microsoft implements real-time noise cancellation to minimize distracting background noise, allowing you to better hear what is being said.

Real-time noise cancellation

    • In large meetings, it can sometimes be difficult for remote participants to sense when they have something to say. The raise hand function allows anyone in the meeting to send a visual signal that they have something to say.
  • Industrial workers need to communicate and collaborate effectively while staying safe. Through a new integration between RealWear equipment and head-mounted devices, front-line workers will be able to access information and communicate hands-free with remote experts from the job site.
  • There will also be virtual consultations. Announced earlier this month, the Team Reservations app makes scheduling, managing, and making virtual appointments easy.
  • Teams will soon allow chats to be displayed in a separate window to help you streamline your workflow and move more easily between ongoing conversations.
  • Low-bandwidth, offline support lets you read chat messages and write responses, even without an internet connection, making it easy to get things moving no matter where you are.
  • They also expand the device ecosystem of teams, with new certified devices for teams. Now available in general, the Yealink VC210 brings together speakers, microphone, camera and equipment app to deliver a smaller conference room meeting experience that is easy to install and manage. In addition, Bose Noise Canceling 700 UC headphones are available for purchase in late spring.

What Satya Nadella says about all this

The Microsoft CEO also had words for what is happening with the coronavirus and the opportunity provided by Microsoft Teams.

"We recognize the role of technology and how it can play a supporting role for those who work tirelessly to reduce the impact of COVID-19, you know, of healthcare providers who stay connected with telehealth solutions, schools and universities through virtual classrooms and remote learning, to companies of all sizes that are allowing their employees to work remotely, without sacrificing their ability to collaborate or be productive and stay safe, "he assured.

Satya Nadella also added that “as organizations around the world are changing the way they work in response to this situation, we are going to learn a tremendous amount and transform the way we work together. There is really going to be a fundamental structural change in the way we transcend some of these geographic boundaries. ”

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