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Be sure to feed your spirit with books, museums, magazines and free!

These are complicated times internationally, since the pandemic has forced the world's inhabitants to be quarantined in their homes, one of the main recommendations for mitigating infections. Just like telecommuting, free time indoors gains ground, and if you're looking for more than just the services of streaming To have a good time, there are alternatives. Feed your spirit with books, museums, magazines, podcasts and cultural musicals, without that means spending money, except what you have to allocate to connect to the internet.

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Various publications, services and platforms of a cultural nature are opening their resources for anyone who stays at home for weeks. Without further ado, we present you some.



Being at home does not mean that you have to stay there, that is, you can transport yourself or travel to other settings through reading. And to resume the habit, Anagrama, one of the most important Spanish publishers, shares five digital books from its catalog at no cost. These are The Things We Lost in Fire, by Mariana Enrquez; A good detective never marries, by Marta Sanz; Happy years, by Gonzalo Torn; Party in the burrow, by Juan Pablo Villalobos; and My documents, by Alejandro Zambra.

The works can be acquired internationally through different digital stores, such as Amazon, Apple's digital book store, Google Play and Kobo.

Open culture

With the challenge of entertaining your little ones? Looking for an activity that does not involve screens, either from the cell phone or from the home television? Print various coloring books with them! Open Culture has compiled different materials of the type from various cultural institutions around the world, so your main problem is having a good supply of colors.


Imagine that you are interested in a topic and would like to find related information in one place, from books to articles. Scribd defines itself as an unlimited read subscription, and the good news is that it offers free access, internationally, for a period of 30 days without the need for a credit card.

On this platform it is also possible to access documents, podcasts and magazines of all kinds of subjects, such as culture, society, science, technology and entertainment.


Jot Down

The famous Spanish cultural magazine has released a series of numbers that seeks to cover different tastes. Dear readers, we join the solidarity shows that are taking place during the quarantine to make confinement more bearable. We make available to everyone who wants it the latest quarterly magazine JD # 30, our hobby magazine, our latest Kids JD # 14 and (the book) Digital Lynching, the publication says.


This is another important Spanish publication that releases some of its numbers in PDF so that anyone has a more bearable quarantine. Here are the four numbers prior to the current year of March. They correspond to magazines 108, 109, 110 and 111, from October 2019 to last February, it is read on their electronic page.

Each of the magazines is dedicated to a topic, so each of the articles revolves around it. In addition, from the cover there is already a story to tell.


For those who like comics more, various artists have released their works for the enjoyment of the quarantined public. Among them are Cristina Durn, Paco Roca, Sol Otero, Santiago Garca, Lorenzo Montatore, El Torres and the AfterCOMIC label.

It is also worth following the Twitter account of the Cmic Authors collective, which has made a thread with the authors who have their works temporarily open, due to the crises caused by the new coronavirus.


Download UNAM Culture

Yes, practically all the music platforms on streaming have their section podcasts, but what sets Download Cultura UNAM apart is that it makes audible content about literature in Spanish, mainly, and there are even authors who have read their own works.