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Analyst Says It´s the Perfect Time for Apple to Buy Disney


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<p>A few months ago, Bob Iger, who until recently was the CEO of Disney, introduced his book to the world. An autobiographical work in which he shares some of the most crucial moments he has lived in front of the mastodon that is The Walt Disney Company. And between those moments, he spoke of those lived with Steve Jobs, with whom he maintained a close friendship after <strong>the beginning of relations between Pixar and Disney</strong>, which years later would lead them to join.</p>
<p>Among other things, the executive commented that, if Steve Jobs had been alive, we would probably have seen Apple and Disney merge into a single company. However, <strong>that idea was discarded</strong>, and it does not look like it will resurface in the near future. However, there are analysts who believe that if Apple is genuinely interested in growing in the entertainment industry, it should buy Disney now that the market has devalued the company noticeably.</p><div class=

The closure of the theme parks due to the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the actions of the Mickey Mouse company to be seriously affected. This, as indicated by Bernie McTernan, an analyst at Rosenblatt who has been interviewed by Yahoo Finance, would have left Disney in a perfect position for an acquisition by Apple. This move will strengthen them in the media sector, and make the resulting company a hard-to-ignore giant.

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However, as we have commented at the beginning, it does not seem that we are going to see something like that. Among the strongest reasons we find that Disney’s own shareholders would hardly allow it, given that a recovery of the company’s equity value is expected after the pandemic. And although It would be interesting to see what such a powerful company could give of it.The result, without the direction of Bob Iger or Steve Jobs, may not be as attractive as we might expect.