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all about the new mobile positioning system

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Presented today has excelled in various things, including a design that is more than remarkable compared to the iPhone X but with brutal hardware. And another detail that Xiaomi has especially focused on is the positioning system: Dual GPS.

Dual GPS, or have a "road destroyer" GPS

Dual GPS: the new positioning system of the Xiaomi Mi 8

This new feature of the Xiaomi Mi 8 augurs us a much more precise position by using this new GPS system. In more technical data, there are 2 types of current bands from which phones are nourished today: the L1 and the L5. The L5, which is the newest, has a smaller error radius and a longer range.

This is because Xiaomi has included an additional chip that is not inside the processor manufactured by Broadcom, which offers us precision up to 30 centimeters in length in front of 5 meters from the rest of the phones. A real improvement in terms of overall positioning.

Well, the Xiaomi Mi 8, in addition to using this band, together use the L1 which is somewhat more veteran, which increases the precision radius from 3 to 5 times. In other words; The Xiaomi Mi 8 uses the two main GPS bands to be able to position itself in an even more precise way.

Dual GPS: the new positioning system of the Xiaomi Mi 8

The L1 band has an error radius of about 300 meters and is the one used by the vast majority of GPS devices. In 2010 a new type of positioning was launched using the L5 band, which has a much smaller error radius of 30 meters. The Mi 8's Dual GPS uses these two bands together.

Dual GPS: the new positioning system of the Xiaomi Mi 8

Satellite speed over time

The Xiaomi Mi 8 will use the L1 band in the first instance, then analyze the L5 band and thus obtain a more accurate positioning. The second analysis will use the data collected from the first to improve the position in the first instance.

This Dual GPS system will help us to position ourselves better in adverse positioning conditions, such as remote locations, highways or roads that are not very relevant or complicated, and especially when the greatest possible precision regarding orientation is needed. Of course, the Mi 8 comes with GPS Beidu and GLONASS.

Dual GPS: the new positioning system of the Xiaomi Mi 8

Positioning error radius

There is another detail. According to technical data, the energy consumption of traditional GPS is very high, and thanks to this system it would be reduced by an impressive 50 percent, helping the battery of the Mi 8. In addition, we can position ourselves more precisely using nothing more and nothing less than from 3 different satellites, specifically, the Galileo European the QZSS from Japan and the GLONASS From Russia.

While the positioning systems of today's phones have proven to be highly accurate, it remains to be seen whether the impact on the user is noticeable. We think so, since it has happened to all of us that the GPS has become a little "crazy" on a somewhat long route, and this Mi 8 will get us out of that trouble.