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Acer Predator X34, a curved monitor born for video games

Talking about comfort in front of a computer undoubtedly includes the monitor on which we reflect what has been done, since the definition in the designs, images or videos presented in it guarantees not only the quality of what we do, but also makes us enjoy it, and it is one of the advantages offered by Acer's high octane Predator line which is designed to provide a performance experience with no performance limitations for professional gamers who demand the best equipment.

And it is that since its presentation in April, the Predator X34 monitor with 34 inches, 21: 9 UltraWide QHD screen, As the world's first curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, it has won multiple awards, including the Computex d & i (design and innovation) award and Computex Top Pick for Windows Central, and recently he was awarded the Editors Choice awards by PCMag, Tweaktown and Hot Hardware, receiving in turn a total score of 10/10 in the GameTyrant review and got the Golden Pin award.

So, The Predator X34 curved monitor features a 34-inch and 21: 9 ultra-wide screen, and offers a fully immersive gaming experience with minimal stuttering and screen tearing.. It includes DTS sound and 2 7W speakers, as well as a frameless design with a futuristic aluminum base and ambient lighting options that provide an exciting and elegant experience for its users.

In addition to the Predator X34 QHD UltraWide (3440 x 1440) The IPS screen has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, and has flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain and more comfortably enjoy a game or work experience.

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<p>These award-winning Acer Predator Curved Monitors with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology have been featured by numerous media outlets. It was possible to know in the same way that in the segment of G-SYNC gaming monitors, <strong>Acer occupies the first position in EMEA with a market share of 46% during the third quarter of 2015 in retail in sell-out sales</strong>, according to the CONTEXT SalesWatch Distribution report, <strong>also occupying the first position in European countries with approximately 40 ~ 60%</strong> market share in the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Here are some of the most outstanding reviews about this great Acer product:

The Ferrari of gaming monitors and the best performance, the most versatile gaming monitor on the market and the most elegant design monitor you can find. GameTyrant

Incredible gaming experience TechSpot

Fantastic Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor The wonderful G-Sync gaming technology is a strong point in this beast. It's an easy Editors Choice of Hot Hardware Hot Hardware

I can say that it is the best gaming experience you can put on your desktop –LinusTechTips

In this sense, the company Acer bets on curved monitors because, as they say, they are the trend in the most professional gamers. Thus, in this line the technology company has presented in September its second gaming monitor, Predator Z35, a large 35-inch monitor with a 21: 9 UltraWide Full HD screen (2560 × 1080) and a curvature of 2000R for a gaming experience. More immersive, dynamic and enveloping, which has already received the Japan Good Design Award for excellence in design.

An excellent option that the Kings can leave you as a gift, is that Acer aims to provide a more immersive gaming experience to meet the needs of gamers with its series of gaming monitorsTherefore, both the Predator X34 and the Predator Z35 are already available in Spain with a retail price of 1,199 and 1,099 respectively, in both amounts with VAT included.

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