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A mobile augmented reality game like Pokmon GO, but now Harry Potter

Not long ago we began to see how technology advances by enormous steps, every day we see how a new technology is born but we also see some die. Augmented reality is one of the few that has not perished, as it remains firm today. It was a little over a year ago that augmented reality was released with everything to the public, this was done through the gamePokmon gothat although today the scope of the game has dropped too low, we can rescue something good from it, and that is augmented reality. It was more than obvious that large companies such as Apple and Google at some point promoted the introduction of this technology in their mobile devices, although Niantic got ahead a little thanks to its acquired experience.

When the Pokmon GO fever was at the top, rumors began to leak that Niantic was in talks with Warner Bross to bring to the market a proposal inspired by the magical universe of Harry Potter. At the time the rumors were flatly denied, but have now been confirmed, so in the next yearbe released a game developed by Niantic Lab and Portkey Games, a subsidiary company of Warner Bross. Interactive.Yes, it is true that the confirmation has already been given, but details of what the game will be like are not revealed, much less in what month of 2018 we will be able to test it. What we assume is that this gamework the same way as Ingress and Pokmon GO,that is, to invite us to go outside to stretch our legs a little and get objects while we fight against the enemies that the protagonists faced in the Harry Potter series.

We still do not know how the magical world spells will be implemented in the game, as well as the availability for mobile devices, but everything indicates that it will be released for devices with iOS and Android.