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9 Telegram channels to follow the coronavirus

The news about the coronavirus pandemic They are everywhere, you can also follow all the data and information that come out about this virus through different Telegram channels, an interesting possibility to know the data instantly.

Telegram channels serve to get any kind of information quickly and easily to many people at the same time. That is to say, any type of information can be disseminated and send it instantly to all the participants of that channel.

Unlike groups, which are also available on WhatsApp, channels can only be written by authorized people and administrators, in some you will be able to converse, but the habitual thing is that the users who are subscribed will limit themselves to reading the published information.

This platform is very useful to get any information to many people at the same time because a large number of people have installed Telegram on your phone and because you will also have a notification when something new is published on the channel.

Image - 9 Telegram channels to follow the coronavirus

With the appearance of the coronavirus, digital newspapers and other media create their own as an alternative way of getting their news about coronavirus and other types of information, so we are going to show you a few where you can get information.

Ministry of Health

We start with the Telegram channel that has launched the Ministry of Health and that has this same name. You will only have to search for it in the application from the chats tab and then you will have to click on join to enter the channel.

Lately, a daily message with information on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain with the most updated data of the moment, although from time to time other types of content are uploaded, such as GIFs, photos, etc.

Web: @sanidadgob

Coronavirus Live News

Another channel where you can get global information about the coronavirus is Coronavirus Live News. Unlike the previous one, the news published in this one is in English and Italian and you will be able to know what is happening around the world, as well as see an evolution counter.

Web: @CoronaVirus

Covid-19 CAT

If you are in Catalonia or you are a resident in this autonomous community, you will be interested to know everything that happens in this region and what better way to do it through the Telegram channel than to inform you about the evolution of the coronavirus called Covid-19 CAT.

Web: @ Covid19INFOCAT