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6 news that should have come with the new iPad Pro

iPad Pro 2020

Apple yesterday presented a new model of iPad Pro whose main novelties are focused on the rear camera. Apple has included a second ultra wide-angle camera and a LiDAR sensor capable of measuring distances to objects up to 5 meters.

In addition to this novelty is the arrival of the trackpad officially on the iPad with a new Magic Keyboard, however this novelty can be enjoyed on any iPad that can attack iPadOS 13.4. The news may not seem like much if we compare this new iPad with the iPad Pro of 2018, so we are going to analyze some functions and features that might have come also along with this new iPad Pro.

The news that has not come with the iPad Pro 2020

Many of these new features are quite simple, and others may be impossible As of today, but be that as it may, we would have loved to see them on the iPad Pro 2020.

iPad Pro 2020


We already have many great 5G devices on the market and the 2020 iPad Pro has an option with cellular connectivity, however this stays in 4G. Apple has not yet included this technology in any device and everything indicates that we must wait until the end of the year to see it.

Some rumors have indicated that Apple may launch a 5G iPad Pro model later this year, which could suppose that we saw a slight update of this model before the end of 2020.

A13 Bionic processor

It is likely to be very soon for the A14 processor, but why the iPad Pro 2020 does not have the A13X Bionic processor? We do not know. Instead of using an improved version of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro processor, Apple has decided continue to use the A12 processor with some slight modifications. That it is still powerful, but that it is not the last that Apple has presented.


We do not know why this decision, if the performance was hardly going to be improved or if they prefer bet everything on the A14 processor, which according to the leaks promises a lot. If this is the case, and together with 5G technology, perhaps we will see a slight update with these two novelties before we think.

More USB-C ports

Apple is increasingly turning its iPad Pro toward the laptops of a lifetime, and Thanks to the arrival of the trackpad, it is closer than ever to replace themHowever, doing so requires more ports.

The iPad Pro 2020 has a single USB-C portYes, it is true that the new Magic Keyboard includes a second USB-C port that allows charging the device, but it costs more than 300 euros. Adding another port on one side will have improved the productivity of the 2020 iPad Pro.

iPad hovering over Magic Keyboard

Best front camera

Apple has greatly improved the rear cameras of the iPad Pro, but has forgotten to improve one of the most widely used, especially for Face Time video conferencing. The front camera of the new model is the same 7 megapixel camera of the iPad Pro 2018.

Apple could have taken advantage to include the front camera of 12 megapixels that we have on the iPhone 11 Pro, Capable of recording at 4K and 60 fps. Something common at Apple that always undervalues ​​the front cameras.

OLED screen

OLED technology has made the leap to the iPhone but still resists reaching other Apple devices. It is true that the Liquid Retina display is one of the best on the marketApple boasts of it with its ProMotion and True Tone technologies, its wide P3 color gamut and its 600 nit brightness.

iPad Pro screen

However, the blacks that get the OLED panels are still very far from those achieved by this panel, and surely Apple could include all its technologies. The iPad at the moment seems to be reluctant to incorporate this type of panel.

Turn the apple?

The iPad has been a device that has been changed over time, from being a device halfway between an iPhone and a Mac to being an authentic alternative to the latter. Whoever has an iPad can confirm it for you, much more used in landscape format than verticallyHowever, the apple refuses to change from its original position.

This means that when the iPad is on a landscape, like when we use a keyboard, the apple is crooked. And it is rare that Apple, which already changed the orientation of the apple of its MacBook years ago, did not notice this detail.

apple upside down

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These are some of the news that they could have come with the new iPad 2020 and they haven't, many are improvements that will end up arriving sooner or later.