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4 tricks for the iPad to completely replace your computer

iPad Pro

For years, Apple has sold us its iPads as a substitute for the laptop of a lifetime, and although in many cases it is still far away, in others it is a much more comfortable option. Since the arrival of the iPad Pro, Apple has tried position your tablet as one more working tool And the arrival of iPadOS is just the latest sign of Apple's idea.

IPads are becoming more powerful and now have their own operating system, and all of this has a clear purpose: become a serious alternative to a MacBook. To try to make this option easier and more real for everyone, today we bring you 4 tips to make your iPad come closer to a computer of a lifetime.

IPad get closer to MacBook with these tricks

First of all, the first thing you should do is update your iPad to the latest operating system. iPadOS 13 includes very interesting news and everything indicates that with iPadOS 14 more will come.

Get a wireless mouse

iPad keyboard mouse

iPadOS 13 en natively compatible with a wireless mouseA few weeks ago we told you how you could easily connect and work with it. A mouse can be of help on numerous occasions, and although it is still somewhat green on iPadOS 13, rumors indicate that with iPadOS 14 there will be even wider compatibility with this type of device. Here below we leave you an excellent alternative, very cheap and that we have verified that it works.

Buy iPad mouse

A good keyboard is your ally

keyboard trackpad ipad

If you want to replace a laptop you will need a good keyboard. All the iPads sold by Apple have their own official keyboard, but fortunately there are dozens of equally good and more affordable alternatives. A keyboard brings the iPad experience closer to that of a laptop. We leave you two options, one very affordable and one of high quality.

Buy iPad keyboard | 15.95 euros

Buy Logitech iPad keyboard

Download Office

iPad Pro Office Word

If there is a productive tool by nature that is Office. The Microsoft office suite It has excellent applications for iPad and now they are all gathered under the same app. Although it is also true that you can download Word, Power Point and Excel separately if you wish. It is a must-have app that will make your iPad more like a MacBook or laptop.

Connect anything with a hub or hub

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One of the novelties of iPadOS 13 allows us read, copy or download any file that is located on a USB memory, SD card or external disk. For this reason, the best thing you can do is buy a hub or hub for the iPad that supports different connections. You will be able to handle files just as easily as with a computer.

USB C hub hub

Lightning hub hub

If you follow these tips your iPad will be more productive than everAnd best of all, a new update will soon give your iPad even more power. In many cases, it is already possible to replace a laptop with an iPad.