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22 must-have apps for first-time Mac users

So you have a new Mac in your hands. So what? The first logical way is to populate it with essential applications. But what applications are essential? As a person using Mac from Tangerine's iBook, I think I know one or two things about Mac apps. Here's the list of Mac apps that Mac users should have for the first time.

Launcher: Alfred (free)

One of the most useful applications that I have installed on my Mac is a launcher, and Alfred is perfect for first time Mac users. Mac comes with its launcher-like feature called Spotlight, but Alfred is like Spotlight on steroids.

Alfred will not only help you launch anything with just a few keystrokes, but he can also define words, do math calculations, search for local and internet folders, search for contacts, play iTunes, become a clipboard manager and more. You can also choose one of the themes to change its appearance. By updating your Alfred with a powerpack, you can create custom themes to make Alfred look the way you want, and workflows to reduce repetitive work.

There are alternative launchers that you can try as Quicksilver (free) and Launchbar (24.00).

File and folder management

'Finder' is a file and folder management function that is built into Mac OS X and does a good job. But for more advanced file and folder management, you need help from third-party applications. For the Finder alternative, you can use Path finder (US $ 39.95). In addition to supporting the dual pane window for easy file copying and movement, Path Finder also gives you full keyboard navigation, the ability to batch rename files, compare and sync folders, and more.

In addition to the Finder alternative, you can also automate file management using Hazel . Set the conditions in a folder, and when the conditions are met, make Hazel perform a series of actions. For example, every time you finish downloading a movie file, the file will move to the Movies folder automatically. We have talked about Hazel before, so check out that article if you want to know more about him.

One more tool that you can add to your arsenal is Unarchiver (free). It is an application that can help you extract virtually any file format.

Note taking and timing

What is a computer without a text editor? And today's version of the text editor adds the sync twist to the genre. There are quite a few apps for note taking and syncing in the Mac world.

If you just want a robust text editor, try Text Wrangler (free). But if you want a cross-platform note container, the obvious choice is the gigantic Evernote (free with upgrade options). Or if you want the lighter options, there is Simplenote (free) and the beautiful letter space (US $ 9.99).