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WhatsApp presented Health Alert, the chatbot of the World Health Organization to provide information about coronavirus

With a verified account, the World Health Organization seeks to answer queries about the coronavirus pandemic with a chatbot on WhatsApp

In a joint work with the

World Health Organization



 presented the

chatbot WHO Health Alert

, a system that

automatically answer pandemic queries


covid-19 with official information

. With this initiative, the company seeks to combat disinformation within the
instant messenger



WHO Health Alert is configured by adding the number

+41 79 893 1892

in the address book on the phone. Like all chatbot,

It is activated after sending a message on WhatsApp with the word Hi

and displays a number of options to answer questions about the pandemic. Initially you are alone

in english

, but the company assured that from tomorrow it will be available in

Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, English and Russian


The official announcement of the World Health Organization

The WHO Health Alert offers official information on how to protect yourself from infections and basic travel tips, as well as debunking rumors and myths about the coronavirus. Available 24 hours a day and worldwide, the bot will also be useful to provide official information with updated data to the authorities.

The chatbot is complemented by the coronavirus information center that WhatsApp presented on its site with official information from the World Health Organization, available at