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What exactly is a LiDAR and why does Apple include it in the new iPad Pro

LiDAR iPad Pro

With the announcement of the iPad Pro this morning, Apple has released what it describes as "The best device in the world for augmented reality". This statement is supported by the incorporation of the camera scanner LIDAR on your new tablet.

The LIDAR system is characterized by allowing the iPad Pro to do a accurate 3D map of the location of spaces, which is decisive for practical purposes, since one of its main uses is to work with Augmented Reality applications.

What exactly is a LiDAR?

The sensor incorporated in the camera system has a flight time at a range of 16 feet, indoors and outdoors, allowing create maps almost instantly. As explained by Cult of Mac, David MacQueen, CEO of Strategy Analytics:

The first step to increase reality is to understand that reality by mapping the environment in which the user is located, and that recognizes relevant or useful objects in that environment.

According to Apple, the LIDAR scanner is ideal for developers of Augmented Reality apps can create even more immersive experiences. All thanks to the ability to place augmented reality objects on top of real-world objects and represent specific distances between them.

From the theoretical point of view and according to the latest announcements from Apple, this would be only a part of what we can infer can make the new iPad Pro. Well, although it has been announced, it will not be until the March 25th When the first shipments start to be made and it is possible to verify first hand, the actions it is capable of taking.

With the security of the LiDAR system on the latest iPad Pro, it becomes much easier to rely on previous rumors that the iPhone 12 Pro You will also be equipped with this technology and how to be able to promote the use of Augmented Reality apps.