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Trick! Delete WhatsApp messages after 7 minutes

Not long ago thedeletion of WhatsApp messagescausing a joy for some, but for all it was a big fuss, after the new update everyone wanted to try deleting messages, a function that the company took too long to implement, although in a very basic way, but at least it is already available, despite of his annoying limitation ofonly delete messages within 7 minutes after sending.

But it was only a matter of time, once the update was released, some bugs have been found, to call them so, bugs with which the message eliminator can be circumvented. One of these failures is to deceive the application, since it is this that manages the time of the conversations that we carry out.

Many will remember that previously we can cheat Windows only by changing the date of the computer, this to lengthen the period of some software that was tested, since they only gave us a few days and then we can no longer use it, rest assured, let's talk about Windows does not mean that we will get off the topic, but if you pay a little attention there is the key to perform the magic and outwit WhatsApp. If it is still not very clear to you, we will explain it in a simpler way. If what you want is to delete previous messages, of which the 7 minutes have already passed,we just have to change the date of our smartphone.No kidding, with this simple trick we can delete the messages that we have sent in the last hours.

Next we leave you step by step the procedure you must follow to amaze more than one:

  1. First activate airplane mode.
  2. Enter toSettings / Applicationsand here look for the WhatsApp application andStop its execution.
  3. ReturnSettings / Date and TimeYdisable automatic date and time settings,this so that the device does not adjust it automatically.
  4. Set the date to be earlier than the messages you want to delete.
  5. Open WhatsApp and look for the messages to delete. You can remove them for everyone without problems.
  6. Disable theairplane modeto complete the deletion.
  7. The margin to apply this trick is in messages sent with a margin of hours and even up to 5 days.
  8. NOTE: If you exceed going back in time, WhatsApp will discover you and warn you that the date is incorrect.

At the moment this trick is working perfectly so take advantage of it while it is possible, because it is most likely that with the next update it will not work anymore, and it is normal, that's what updates are for, to correct errors that are found in applications and that companies don't like users to take advantage of these mistakes.