Top 10 Android games to quarantine

Top 10 Android games to quarantine

10 best Android games to quarantine

If you no longer have more series to watch, or you have been a bit bored spending so much time in front of the TV watching movies, no need to break the quarantine and leave home to have fun. Exposing yourself and contracting the Covid-19 virus is not a joke and is not something to be taken lightly.

With your mobile handy and downloading some of the games that we are going to show you here, you can make confinement much more enjoyable and much more entertaining, since some of these titles have countless hours of play (thanks to their online modes) .

Top 10 Android games to get through confinement

Top 10 Android Quarantine Games

Before we show you the Top 10 games you should have on your mobile to avoid boredom while you stay at home, we recommend you see how to clean and disinfect your phone to avoid coronavirus. It is important that you have your phone clean and free of germs so as not to contract the virus in question.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that all these games that you will see below are totally free. While some others have micropayments, you don't need to spend real money to enjoy them.

Clash Royale

If you have never heard of Clash Royale, well, you have either lived under a rock all this time, or you have never paid attention to one of the most popular games out there for Android. It is a Real-time multiplayer title with which you can fight against other users in spade battles and extremely fun.

Consistently collect and upgrade cards to gain not only increased attack ability when taking on another user, but also increased defense to repel enemy attacks. If you like games where strategy is very important when playing, Clash Royale is a title you should consider..

Call of duty mobile

If you are the shooting, the action and the frenzy, then COD Mobile is the game you have to download. Exclusively designed for mobile phones, this version of the popular saga offers you action-packed multiplayer modes where only the most skilled will win.

With various game modes, COD Mobile allows you to not only play on your own, but also you can team up with your friends to face other players in a battlefield of more than 100 players (Battle Royale mode). But that's not all, because you can also play quick team duels of up to 5 vs 5, or fight against dark zombies in a mode where the waves of infected enemies do not stop.

FIFA Soccer

Given the complete halt of the football leagues due to the coronavirus, many people are needing to supplant the lack of this sport, and for this there is nothing better than playing FIFA Soccer.

This version of FIFA for Android mobiles gives you the possibility to play face to face with your friends creating your own football team. Hire players, join special events, play friendlies with other users online, and challenge others in online matches for free.

Although the game is full of micropayments, it is possible to enjoy it without the need to spend a single hard, that takes a long time to form a competitive team without spending real money (something that you should take into account when playing).