This new concept of multitasking on iPadOS is great

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Apple virtually redesigns multitasking for iPadOS 13 from scratch on compatible iPad models. Slide Over and Split View functions are more intuitive and easy to use. Also, since then, you can already close applications and switch from one to another while you are using multitasking.

But … there is no perfect system. This is why a developer named Vidit Bhargava has imagined a curious concept of multitasking for iPadOS which, truthfully, offers a much more functional experience than the current one.

Vidit Bhargava shares his video of the iPadOS multitasking concept in a tweet. And the truth is that it has surprised us. It has a couple of very interesting details that will improve the way we interact with several applications at the same time.

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The iPadOS multitasking that everyone wants to try

In the following tweet you can take a look at a video about this wonderful concept for multitasking iPadOS.

This is how Vidit Bhargava explains his creation:

My solution for multitasking for iPad.

Solve three big problems.

one. Provides a clear path to open any app on Split Screen.

two. It clearly shows which application is in focus.

3. Simplify the multitasking screen (spaces to the left of the application appear on the left and not in a grid at the bottom).

Also, when you slide an application up, not only the Dock appears, but also the Control Center. What do you think about this concept?