iPad Pro trackpad

This is everything you should know about the trackpad of the new iPad Pro, which works on any iPad with iPadOS 13.4

iPad Pro trackpad

Apple has just introduced a new iPad and its main functions have taken us a bit by surprise, Apple probably had a keynote planned to show all these news, but the coronavirus has prevented it. The new iPad Pro features a new rear camera sensor with a LiDAR capable of measuring distances and generating a 3D map of our environment, and it also comes with a new keyboard with a built-in trackpad.

Along with iOS and iPadOS 13, Apple included mouse support for the first time, but it was all a first step to getting to this point. Although we expected this to be one of the star features of the new iOS 14, Apple has moved forward and all iPads with iPadOS 13.4 will be able to enjoy these new features.

The way of using the iPad is going to change a lot and Apple has not only copied the gestures and functions of a normal trackpad that we can use in macOS or Windows, has invented a new way to use it on the iPad, which now seems more productive than ever.

All the functions of the trackpad in iOS 13.4

Apple has designed a new way to use iPad and trackpadThat is to say, when using this accessory we will not see a simple pointer in the interface like in a computer, the integration is deeper making it more similar to touching the screen that a lifelong mouse has used.

iPad trackpad

Although still we haven't been able to prove exactly how it works the trackpad or the mouse on any iPad with iPadOS 13.4, the different Apple videos show us many details about the functions that we will have available. Apple has based its new way of using the iPad with a trackpad or mouse on three principles:

Appears when you need it

It is one of the differences from using a mouse on a traditional computer. In iOS 13.4 the cursor is a small transparent circle not always be on screen. Thus Apple simulate the use of a touch screen but with a trackpad or mouse, the iPad's touch interface remains a priority and the most common way to use an iPad, and the trackpad won't change it.


Fits content

Another exclusive function that Apple has thought for the use of a trackpad or mouse. On a computer we always have the cursor visible and it rarely changes shape, but on iPadOS 13.4 it won't be like that. Sometimes you will see the cursor on the screen and other times a shading on certain elements of the interface like the icons of the applications, some options within each application or anything that the developers imagine.

Multi-touch gestures

Although Apple has not specified them, thanks to iPadOS 13.4 and the trackpad we will have gestures to switch between applications, access the application selector, activate the Dock, open the Control Center or manage the applications in Slide Over.