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The perfect photography app for professionals hits the Play Store

There are users who need a good photography application beyond the standard that our phones bring. In fact, with photographic machines like the Pixel, it is reasonable that many of its users wanted an application that allowed them to edit the shot to unsuspected limits. And that application until now did not exist. Exact: until now.

Moment Camera is the new professional camera application that comes to the Play Store for the most demanding in the world of photography. In fact, if you are a user of a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL, you should know that this app makes use of the Pixel Visual Core, the processor in charge of improving the photos of the Google phone.

Moment Pro Camera: the most professional camera app?

The perfect photography app for professionals comes to the Play Store

This photography application is uniquely and exclusively focused on the world of professional photography. We will be able to edit almost all the parameters that a stock camera usually would not show us, except for certain professional modes. In addition, we again emphasize that if you have a second-generation Pixel, this app squeezes the Pixel Visual Core, which will allow you to take incredible shots.

The interface is much more than simple: we have all the parameters in a lower bar with a series of buttons arranged to change details such as the speed of the focus, the ISO, the white balance … All in the same bar with which we will only have to interact by pressing a couple of buttons.

The perfect photography app for professionals comes to the Play Store

In the upper bar we will see several more usual parameters. First, we can change the type of lens, so that we can emulate a wide angle. We can also choose RAW mode for the photos, set a timer, edit the camera's LED flash and also put a grid on the photo of several levels, depending on the object. Detail: the grid activates a tracking of the object that we want to capture and helps us to frame it.

A simple interface, no nonsense

The perfect photography app for professionals comes to the Play Store

What we loved about Moment Pro Camera is its infinite simplicity. Whenever we see the camera of a device that we analyze, we worry about looking at how it manages the Pro mode. There are some that do it by means of circumferences, by measurements on the screen … Not here. Here is everything in one place so that we do not have a problem when moving around Moment.

In fact, as a detail, we will tell you that it is not necessary to slide on the bars to increase them. Imagine that you want to take a photo on a tripod; it will be easier to press than to slide. Well, in the parameter bars we will not have to slide, but press on both sides to raise or lower the parameter. A detail that I, a photography enthusiast as I am, like to have seen.

The perfect photography app for professionals comes to the Play Store

In the camera settings (button next to the shutter, I love it) we can change details such as the metadata of the photo, the location … It does not have as many options as those found in the general interface, but they are enough to edit a detail that has been passed.

Although as expected, this application is not free. You can find Moment Pro Camera on Google Play at a price of 2 euros. A cost that, in my opinion, is very low if we seek what we seek; a photography application that gives us more than the stock apps that we enjoy every day. My recomendation? If you are passionate about photography Buy it, you will not regret it.