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The OnePlus 7 will have no wireless charge


This is not the OnePlus 7, but the 5G prototype on display at MWC 2019.

Juan Garzon / CNET

The next OnePlus 7 will probably come with the latest processor and updated cameras. But one thing it won't have is wireless charging.

OnePlus phones are known to include many of the newest features found in smart phones premium As the Samsung Galaxy S10, but at a much lower price. But a feature that continues to be lacking in these phones is the ability to place a phone on a wireless charging pad for quick charging. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau still doesn't think it's worth adding that to his products.

"The OnePlus charge is one of the best," Lau said through an interpreter in an interview Monday at MWC 2019. "The wireless charge is much lower."

However, wireless charging has grown in popularity since Apple introduced it on its iPhone X and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in 2017. Samsung also did so by adding the ability to charge its Galaxy Buds wirelessly with your Galaxy S10.

OnePlus is at MWC to show a prototype of its 5G smart phone, which will reach two operators in Europe in the second quarter. Lau declined to comment on the OnePlus 7, as well as rumors that it could get rid of the notch or notch and add a popup camera. He, however, wore a prototype of the 5G phone with him, although he refused to show us.

However, your comments about wireless charging indicate that one of the key features still on the consumer's wish lists for an ideal OnePlus phone is still missing.

Lau expressed skepticism about wireless charging as a consumer benefit, noting that it takes a long time to charge a device with a wireless pad. With the Quick Charge Physical Plug, OnePlus says you can charge your battery 50 percent in 20 minutes and a full charge in less than an hour.

OnePlus is working to speed up the supply of wireless power, but has not yet figured out how to do it without using too much heat. Lau said he doesn't have a date for when that will appear on his devices.

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