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The MiDGT app can now replace the physical card in Spain

The MiDGT app can now replace the physical card in Spain

my dgt can now replace the driving license

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in Spain recently launched an application called MiDGT that allows you access your driving license and other data of interest from the mobile. When we met this app, we immediately thought that it would be great if this application could also serve as a substitute for the physical card to forget once and for all the physical identification documents.

That way, the world would be simpler, since the mobile phone would become the only identification we need. Fortunately, our prayers have been heard, as the DGT has just announced that the MiDGT application can now replace the physical card. This means that when a traffic authority stops you, you can use the MiDGT app to identify yourself and present the required documentation. Learn more about this new feature of the MiDGT application below.

Leave the physical card at home: you can already identify yourself with the My DGT app

How to download miDGT for Android iOS

According to Instruction 20 IO-21 / S-150 published on March 16 by the DGT, The MiDGT app adds to the physical format of the card as the only valid media to check the information before the Registry of Drivers and Vehicle Violators. In this way, drivers can already present their information through the MiDGT app so that the authorities make the corresponding verifications.

The DGT describes this new form of identification as a “logical evolution”, since now the majority of procedures and supplies of legal information are done digitally. It should also be clarified that from now on the use of the MiDGT app as a physical card is completely legal. Therefore, even if the agents do not know or do not have the device to verify your information through the app, they cannot fine you for not carrying the physical card and using the app as identification.

The limitations of the MiDGT app as a substitute for the physical card

You can now download miDGT Android iOS

Those, Outside of Spain, the physical card remains the only valid means of identification., because the use of the app is limited to Spanish territory. So, before leaving the country, remember that as a driver it is mandatory to carry a physical card. On the other hand, it should also be clarified that if an authority requests your DNI, the MiDGT application will not serve as a substitute. However, it is normal that, in matters of driving, they only ask for your driving license. Don't have the MiDGT app yet? Download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

With the NFC to make payments with the mobile and, now, with the MiDGT app that replaces the physical card, there are fewer and fewer things that you have to bring when leaving home. This is also making smartphones increasingly indispensable tools in the life of the modern human being. And t … What do you think of the current and future importance of smart phones?