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The Meizu 17 will arrive in April with its full-screen design »ERdC

The Meizu 17 will arrive in April with its full-screen design

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Meizu has not been going through its best moments in a while, and now with the coronavirus outbreak that has emerged from China that has affected a large part of the Chinese industry, it is normal to think the company has also seen itself. affected both in sales and production capacity. Even with the above, from Meizu they do not plan to stop regarding the announcement of new devices. Today, the company has hinted that its next flagship phone, which will be called Meizu 17, will be launched sometime next April. This was revealed through an open letter posted on the company's official Weibo account. The publication did not include a specific date, but the device is expected to be Meizu's first phone. compatible with 5G networks.

The Meizu 17 will stay true to its design lines

The image released by the firm gives us a clue of what the front design of the new phone will look like. Meizu has stuck to her nonconformist approach to not include any form of design with notch or perforation on their high-end devices from the moment they started trending until now. Instead, the company has remained faithful. alesthyl of symmetrical and harmonious design.

Thanks to this, Meizu has launched some impressive design phones with extremely reduced bezels that received excellent reviews. Nevertheless, poor distribution network and custom layer that they usually include in their terminals full of bugs it is something that keeps many potential buyers away. If not for this, Meizu could have risen to the top 5 global providers at this time.

The Meizu 17 is likely to want slightly update the full-screen layout and no notches. This we can extract from the same material with which they promote the future launch of the phone. The screen will take an approach where the top and bottom frames will be present, but reduced to its minimum expression.

Meizu 16s Pro

The Meizu 17 will come like it flagship of the company's 17th anniversary. It is expected to be powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865 chipset. It is also expected that the device presents a integrated fingerprint scanner on the screen and a large battery. It will also run Android 10 as standard, but under the FlymeOS customization layer on top, something that has alienated potential buyers.

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