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The fashionable multiplayer shooter for Android

The action game genre is one of the most popular among gamers. Gunshots, explosions and competition against other people are always a good claim for those who only want to have fun.

Today we will talk about a new action and shooting game that despite the short time it has been on the market, is gaining quite a lot of popularity. His name is Rival Fire And if what you are looking for is action, it is a game worth trying.

Rival Fire: A fairly addictive multiplayer shooter

rival fire 3

Glu brings us a new third-person action game, a title that seems to be influenced by other greats like Gears of War and Destiny. In Rival Fire we have several game modes, where we can highlight a mode in which we can compete against other players.

In addition to PvP, Rival Fire also offers missions that we can play together with three friends. In cooperative missions we will be able to play in a mode in which we will have to shoot down hordes of enemies or powerful bosses.

rival fire 2

Definitely we are facing a very promising game, with a fairly decent graphics section and several game modes that promise to hook us for quite a few hours. Great variety of weapons and ammunition are enough arguments to keep us in a game that promises a lot, although over time we will see if it becomes repetitive or not.

Rival Fire is a game that we can download for free on Google Play. Like many other games of its kind, it offers us facilities through micro-payments.