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The famous word game comes well renovated with Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO is the complete freemium renovation of the most famous word game in the world. A title that knows how to play its cards very well with everything concerning the multiplayer in order to face several rivals in turns.

A board game on your mobile that It is characterized by its great variety of content, its elegant interface and for offering an enriching experience. In these days of being at home due to the coronavirus here in Spain, what better than to play with our contacts the authentic word game-

Play with your friends and family

Scrabble GO

Scrabble GO is part of that list of online multiplayer games with which we can play with friends and family, and that allows us to even check the contact list of our agenda to find one that has it installed. So we can play directly with them in a fun 1v1 and with the comfort of doing it from home.

Scrabble GO

It should be remembered that Scrabble GO is the renewal of the board game in which we have to form words with the 8 letters we have in the propiety. Those letters remain invisible to the other player and we will have to look for the longest and most complex words. As well as using the most complicated letters such as X, Q or many others.

The more letters that make up the word the more punctuation, and the more complicated letters, the more points we add. Thus we must also find in the compound words on the board those that can be paired with the ones we have. Just as there are squares that double and triple the word's score and this is where another aspect to consider when playing Scrabble GO is found.

Scrabble GO freemium and its modes

Scrabble GO

Of course, Scrabble GO has everything that is freemium. I mean, we can level up and unlock boxes that will give us diamonds and a series of cards that allow us to unlock cosmetic items as customizations to the letter tiles. Just as we can count on those skills in game that give us clues of words to form.

It is true that with a debit card and with money we can take quite an advantage, but let's be certain, if we play with friends, we will not need it, since we practically play by the usual rules. It is true that against strangers because we will not know if they will use many skills, but having a good command of Spanish, we will surely make it happen quite difficult.

One of the virtues of this board game is its different modes, daily events and all that content that enriches the games and it gives us the feeling that we have many hours ahead of entertainment and leisure. A similar game in conception to Brainito, and that we talked about days ago, although with its distances.

Fun and entertainment for the whole family

Scrabble GO

We are facing a game for the whole family and in which we are left with their ways duel, where you have to be as agile as possible to face another, or Word Drop, and where the words are constantly changing. There are many more modes such as Leagues, Rush or Tumbler, and each of them has a different concept to generate a great experience. That is, you are going to have a game for many days and weeks to enjoy with those family members that you have far from you or that you cannot see due to the coronavirus.