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For sure everyone Android users are unprotected not to use logic, but it is also necessary to have a security tool to have greater protection. Applications gradually use information from our phone, whether it is from contacts, storage, among many other things.

Today Antivirus precisely are useful tools if they are configured well beforehand, always install the correct application and do not accept false software. Many tools pose as apps that in the end are malicious in order to steal user data.

Free antivirus

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AVG AntiVirus Free 2020

One of the best free antivirus Currently, it works silently and protects applications, games and files in real time. Besides, AVG stops apps that slow down the phone in order to increase the speed when using it with websites, Android games and other daily tasks added in the last update.

AVG AntiVirus Free It also allows you to hide photos, block applications with a PIN, lengthen the battery by being able to deactivate applications in the background and analyze Wi-Fi networks. Also clean duplicate files, unnecessary, activate the location of the phone by Google Maps and other additional tasks.

AVG AntiVirus and Security for Android Free 2020

AVG AntiVirus and Security for Android Free 2020

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Avira Security 2020

It is one of the tools to consider for the great protection it performs on the Android device. It scans, blocks and eliminates a large base of viruses, malware, Trojans and spyware, among other threats. Add protection for the camera and microphone against possible access to the smartphone.

It has a privacy advisor, showing which applications request access to our personal data, AppLock to protect WhatsApp, calls, Skype and other apps. Like AVG we can find, track and locate it if we lose it or it is stolen from us with the same tool.

Avira Security 2020 - Antivirus and VPN

Avira Security 2020 - Antivirus and VPN

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Avast Antivirus 2020

Add a good engine with virus, spyware, adware and malware recognition, we can analyze it automatically or manually. Add app lock, PIN photo trunk, junk file cleaner, usage details for all apps, add power saving and add SIM security.