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The Android tablet Nokia N1, s arrive in Europe in 2015


The Android tablet Nokia N1, s arrive in Europe in 2015

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November 27, 2014

Although this time has gone a long way, just over ten days ago, Nokia rang the bell with the announcement of its Android tablet Nokia N1. The Finns, after disassociating themselves from Microsoft, intend to keep alive a brand that is still in very good health. Now they confirm that its launch will not be exclusive to China, where it was initially announced, but also will come to Europe, and will do so at most in the first weeks of next summer 2015.

Has been Kathrin Buvac, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Nokia Networks responsible for confirming this to Eurpoean Communiations, as our colleagues from MovilZona tell us. It has not given too many details about the roadmap that the device will follow but one of the main options that is considered is that it make its entry through Russia, as has happened before with products that are launched first in the Asian continent.

Nokia N1 black

You won't be kept waiting too long

The Finnish company knows that Nokia is a highly valued brand in Europe, where many users have seen the evolution of their phones until Microsoft bought the mobile division. They do not want to miss this opportunity and the device will not be long, Buvac anticipates that it would be available for purchase during the first weeks of summer.

Nokia N1 vs iPad mini Retina

IPad mini plagiarism reviews

The tablet is similar in design to the Apple iPad mini. The problem is that not only this aspect has been copied as we analyzed in this article, which has also caused many to be critical of Nokia. Kathrin Buvac explains that Foxconn, one of the Cupertino company's most important producing partners, are also in charge of manufacturing the Nokia N1. "We put our brand and design criteria, but manufacturing, sales, shipping and after-sales is Foxconn's business," he says, taking some of this responsibility away from his company.

He also talked about the future of the part of the company that has not taken Microsfot and the possible launch of a smartphone, although it seems that if it occurred, it would be linked to another manufacturer to whom they would give up the brand.