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Some internal specifications of the new iPad Pro revealed

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Apple yesterday presented the 4 version of its iPad Pro. Although externally its only change corresponds to a new camera moduleInwardly, if it improved its features to give even more room to what until the moment of its presentation was the most powerful iOS device (and iPadOS), the iPad Pro of 2018.

At its launch Apple has only indicated that the new iPad had a new A12Z processor, which is the next version of the A12X that the iPad Pro was mounting until now, and an 8 core graphics processor, one more than in the A12X that had 7.

As added to this information, and through the code found in the GM version of iOS 13.4 that was released yesterday, since 9to5mac they have revealed that The new iPad Pro have 6GB of RAM in all its versions, unlike the 2018 models that all had 4GB of RAM except for the 1TB models that had 6.

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In addition to this information, it has also been revealed that These new iPad include Apple's U1 chip, which will translate into Wi-Fi 6 and the ease of locating our iPad without being connected to any network, among others. However, Apple has not disclosed any information about this in the press release of the product, so we understand that its practical use is still pending disclosure.

Unfortunately What we don't have much more information about so far is the new CPU.. The A12Z chip promises greater performance than the current A12X, but as we said, Apple has not revealed more information than the addition of one more processing core in the graphics processor. We will have to wait for the official distribution to begin so that new users face the device against benchmarks and thus remove us from doubts regarding the processor of the team.